Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Company in New Jersey

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Company in New Jersey

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Company in New Jersey

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Company in New Jersey

Advances in immersive and interactive technologies have been the talk of the town in the IT domain. This fact is not lost on businesses which attribute to the reason why AR/VR technologies have become mainstream these days.

For years, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality were perceived as gimmicky technologies that are enhancing gaming experiences by many folds. Cut to today, both these techs have become an integral part of several business industries.

These technologies have changed the perception of technology in the eyes of a user. Users now expect more interactive elements in an application because of the convenience and ease it provides to them.

AR glasses allow users to access text, stats, and graphical representations while working on a task. Similarly, VR headsets place them in a simulation of the virtual environment created by them.

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How to Start Developing in Virtual Reality?

There are four prominent areas you are advised to explore when you are creating a VR project:

VR Hardware

To develop VR, you will need hardware that is capable of running advanced graphics and complex computations. Secondly, you will need a VR device to create an engaging virtual world. Here are the best VR devices to work with currently:

Oculus Rift: Oculus Rift is a tether-less headset that uses Oculus Link to connect to computers, and the device utilizes hand tracking for a more intuitive VR experience.

Oculus Quest: Deemed as a cost-effective alternative to the Rift, the Quest is the first model with standalone six degrees of freedom (6DOF).

HTC Vive: HTC’s Vive boasts of room-scale technology that enables you to move around and use motion-tracked hand controllers to interact with the 3D virtual environment.

Design and Prototype Tools

Here are some of the leading professional tools for VR app creation:

Sketch: Designs user flows and mobile interface screens. It includes a plug-in to transform sketches into a 360-degree view.

Blender: Creates custom 3D models to import to your game engine.

3DS Max and Maya: Use these for modeling, sculpting, animation, lighting, and visual effects.

Game Engines

The game engine is crucial as it comprises the essential framework required to develop VR apps for a system. Some of the best game engines are:

Unity: This engine uses C to write commands and it supports all major VR devices and formats including 3D Max, Maya, and Cinema4D.

Unreal: It supports most platforms including HoloLens 2, Windows, iOS, and Android. Unreal uses C++ to write commands and offers more realistic visuals.

Platforms and SDKs

Here are some of the best SDKs for VR development:

Oculus SDK: Oculus SDK is a development platform that includes various engine-specific kits, assets, samples, and audio packages that you use to build your VR apps.

SteamVR SDK: It gives access to controllers, models, and enables content preview in Unity play mode.

How to Start Developing Augmented Reality?

Creating an AR project involves exploring the following areas:

AR Hardware

The best AR development hardware you need to have is:

HoloLens 2: A holographic computer in a headset offering a hands-free experience where voice and hand gestures are used to interact with holograms.

Google Glasses: An enterprise tool built on Android, which mainly targets the manufacturing, medical, and construction markets.

Install Development Applications:

Install the following development applications:

HoloLens Emulator: HoloLens Emulator allows you to run Windows Holographic without the HoloLens device. One also needs to get Hyper-V for this to function.

Visual Studio: An integrated development environment where you write code and run the HoloLens Emulator. Install both Visual Studio 2015 with Update 3 and Visual Studio 2017 for it to work adequately.


The SDKs to be used for AR development are:

Holo ToolKit: A collection of scripts and components to accelerate project development on the HoloLens.

Vuforia: Use this to create Holographic applications that can recognize objects in the environment.

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Closing Thoughts

We are living in a time where AR/VR technologies are perceived beyond gaming and are showing remarkable promise in various industries. Now is the time to integrate these techs into your business and make the most of it.

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Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.