5 Customer Support Trends to Be Followed in 2022


5 Customer Support Trends to Be Followed in 2022

In the customer support domain, several new trends were introduced in the year 2021 providing more impetus and productivity to the process. Companies which adopted these trends have made tremendous progress in the last few years and also has increased the market worth of standalone IT support companies, software, and technologies by over 45%. The increasing growth ratio has now convinced business organizations and entrepreneurs that they need to outsource product support services to a company that adopts the latest trends.

As 2021 is coming to an end, we now have a potential list of trends that will create a buzz in the support domain in 2022. This list comprises trends that were already in demand in 2021 and a few new ones.

Top Trends Every Product Support Company Must Follow in 2022

Here are the top trends every support company must adopt while rendering services:

Adopt AI-Based Chatbots

For a long time, chatbots have been predicted as the next big thing in customer support. These predictions have been accurate to a certain extent technological advancements have been taken up by several organizations.

As companies start to open to the idea of chatbots, the customer experience across industries is said to be going up substantially. The major reason for this is that customers do not have to wait around for a response with bots.

They are programmed to respond automatically when a query is received and in more recent times, they are also automating questions. This is also making the job of support agents significantly easier. Chatbots are known to be powerful inventions that are likely to understand human nature better in the forthcoming years.

Support Teams will Work from Home

Ever since the pandemic upon us in 2020, IT employees have gotten used to a new normal. They are now increasingly looking for jobs that will allow them to work remotely because they now know productivity can be achieved from anywhere.

When a maximum number of prospective employees are following this trend, companies have no choice but to give in to it. Because at the end of the day, the process must be implemented right. With all the technologies at their disposal now, this might not be the worst idea.

Support teams can operate from any place and resolve customer issues seamlessly. As the nature of their job is quite demanding, it will also help them if they are working from the place of their comfort. A good work environment directly increases the productivity of the process. Therefore, this trend is expected to continue in 2022 and beyond.

Real-Time Support

Speed is one of the biggest factors in product support services. If your support team does not respond to the customer in a quick time, it results in a bad remark on your services. Therefore, companies are now leaning on real-time support to achieve this.

While real-time support was considered a myth less than a decade back, modern communication channels like Live Chat, Automated Chatbots, AI-enabled applications, etc. have made this possibility.

Even without these technologies, companies had gotten quite good at responding quickly to queries. With these technologies now at the helm, it is possible for support teams to respond instantly and deliver on client expectations. With real-time support, businesses are expected to gain a sharp rise of at least 40% in their revenue.

Video Marketing

Customer support via video chat was a massive trend in 2021 and is expected to continue in 2022. It is no secret that video has been a popular medium ever since

digital communication was introduced. However, the use of video increased significantly since the pandemic. In times when a physical meeting was barred and considered risky, video chat came to the rescue of everyone. Not only on the personal front, but it also helped organizations a great deal on a professional front too.

With regards to customer support, video chat has been extremely productive as customers can explain their issue more proactively when the support agents can see what it is. This has decreased the resolution time and helped teams achieve customer success.

Self-Support is Expected to Rise

Self-support is something that more almost all of a company’s total customers prefer. While many customers are confused about the perks of it, most of them are seeing how it saves their time. This is particularly when the issue he or she is facing can be resolved easily.

The introduction of new technologies, however, has made self-service a little tricky compared to earlier. It mostly depends on the ability of customers to adapt and help themselves when they need it desperately.

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