5 Ways Augmented Reality

5 Ways Augmented Reality Impacts Daily Life

5 Ways Augmented Reality

5 Ways Augmented Reality Impacts Daily Life

5 Ways Augmented Reality Impacts Daily Life

We all encounter Augmented Reality every day without even being aware of it. As time goes on, it is becoming common. As AR uses your physical environment to create a new layer of information on top of it, it creates immersive experiences for you.

If you are familiar with the popularity of Augmented Reality, you already know that every major industrial domain has integrated AR to enhance the desired operations. But are you aware of the possibility of you coming across Augmented Reality every day?

There are five very good examples we have in place for you. But before we get to them, it is important to establish the fact that Augmented Reality Applications are developed with great skill and conviction by the best AR App Developers.

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Impact of 5 ways Augmented Reality on Daily Life

Here are we have 5 ways Augmented Reality is impacting daily life:

Interactive Experience of Gaming

Augmented Reality has been a part of the daily life of a gamer for more than four years. In 2016, the Pokemon Go AR app was the most popular game and rose through the charts in gaming trends. People would be seen on the streets hooked to the immersive experience they were getting.

Pokemon Go is a GPS based Augmented Reality Game that uses your location details to display virtual Pokemon characters in your physical environment. This was a thrilling experience for Pokemon fanatics who were addicted to the game.

In 2017, Pokemon Go is known to have had more than 65 million active users which accounted for more than 80% of AR mobile user spending for that year. In recent times, Minecraft has been one of the most popular Augmented Reality games providing an enhanced form of entertainment to the users.

Sports Broadcasting

Sport is certainly a part of everyday life just as much as gaming is. For sports enthusiasts, watching live games is a glory. Whether they watch it live in a stadium, on their TVs, or on any other live streaming device, they are passionate about it. AR is a part of sport these days be it on a field, turf, or court.

Augmented Reality in sports broadcasting has significantly improved viewership numbers of live games all over. AR Apps display additional information about the game stats coupled with interactive visual elements on the live footage.

These features allow the audience to see close calls, individual achievements and fouls in greater detail than before. It also helps them the speed and trajectory of a ball or pucks with the help of lines and curves. These developments have encouraged companies to invest more in AR.

These experiences can be rendered to users both when they are physically present at the stadium and when they are streaming it on the broadcast at home. Augmented Reality headsets and AR glasses are effectively used to achieve this.

Enhanced Form of Shopping

Augmented Reality has transformed the way shopping is done. As we all know, shopping is a significant part of daily life given everyone purchases something every day. Instead of buyers visiting a store to purchase the desired things, AR brings the store to the customers through the e-commerce medium.

Online shopping with Augmented Reality allows buyers to gauge certain details like the size of an object, colors, designs, and dimensions. It also allows buyers to customize products accordingly with the use of 3D configurators. They can also view the product from all different angles with the use of this tool.

Augmented Reality has a feature that enables users to place an object in their physical environment and make solitary judgments based on how suitable it is for their requirements.

Video Conferencing

Remember the time when we used to write a letter to communicate with our loved ones in other countries? Technological developments have seen modes of communication evolve over the years. With Augmented Reality, it has gone up several notches.

We can now catch up with friends in different parts of the world as though all of us are in the same room. Video conferencing with Augmenting Reality enhanced your interactions with filters that consist of face touch-up, various AR masks and avatars, and background changes.

This also creates leeway for work-related virtual meetings. This enigmatic virtual presence has a significant impact on daily life interactions and enables you to cut down on travel expenses for business-related meetings.

Enhanced Form of Security and Authorization

Security for your home, your digital lockers, and your mobile devices has been vastly enhanced with the help of Augmented Reality. You need not remember a password for your phone or laptop as AR’s facial recognition features allow you to unlock your device as you appear in front of it.

With digital transactions becoming a common practice, this form of security vigilantly safeguards your money and resources. Fingerprint and face scanner technology is also used for office security and home security.


With the above-cited examples, we can conclude that these Applications have made a significant impact on daily life and continue to do so as technology keeps on evolving.

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Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.