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6 Tips to Write an Ideal Support Email

IT Support

6 Tips to Write an Ideal Support Email

Technological advancements have brought about robust support channels like Live Chat, Video Chat, Screen Sharing, etc. However, several business enterprises and customers alike still prefer the evergreen email support channel.

Providing appropriate customer support is as important as it always has been. It is one of the key factors to leverage customer retention and new business acquisitions. It also helps businesses establish their credibility like a brand.

Email support outsourcing has been a major trend for a while now. It allows businesses to focus on sales and marketing activities at an increased capacity while it also ensures they are providing quality services to achieve customer satisfaction.

In this blog post, we will discuss some important steps that make up an efficient email support process.

1. Address the Customers By His or Her Name:

It is known as a good practice to address a customer by his or her name during an interaction. In case support agents do not know their name, they can begin with a customary “Hi There” or a “Hello”.

One more important aspect about emails is, it is important to begin in a greeting and happy tone irrespective of how pressing an issue is. It sends a positive message across to the customers that the support team is calm enough to handle the issue.

2. Thank the Customer:

When customers who are using your product or service reach out to you, your reply should begin with a thankful tone. Be it a complaint or an inquiry, it means they have a keen interest in your company, and it should be met with gratitude.

Here are a few ways to go by it:

  • Thank the customer for bringing the underlying issue to your notice.
  • You can thank him or her for using your product.
  • Thank them for their suggestions.

A simple thanks or any kind of appreciation makes the customers feel valued and allows them to understand that their thoughts are welcome.

3. Answer the Questions:

You can write the best support emails to them and please them with your service. Ultimately, what the customers want is, to stop reaching out to you with issues.

For you to achieve this, your support agents need to answer the questions and move on. Here, the skill to value your customer’s time and give him or her satisfying answers to all their questions is paramount.

It is also advised for the support team to be honest with the customer if they need more time to answer their queries. It gives a message that you have seen the customer’s email and you are working on it. Valuing the time of customers is important and answering their queries in an elaborated way makes that possible.

4. Address the Emotion:

While a few customers are calm about the situation when they mail you, a few of them are angry and frustrated about the issue they are facing. Irrespective of what the situation is, it is important to address the emotion of the customer in the email.

If the customer is angry or frustrated about the issue, the support team can address it by assuring him or her that a resolution is being worked on. You can also ask customers if there is anything you can do to help. Any straightforward acknowledgment of the customer is sufficient to show that you are working on the issue.

5. Trying the Solution Before Suggesting It:

This step mainly applies to email support teams resolving tech support questions. Before you suggest they refresh their screen or try other things, you need to try it on your end and confirm that it works.

It will frustrate the customers more if you suggest a solution and it does not work for them. Trying things at your end once gives you a confirmation and allows you to suggest it to the customers confidently.

6. Check for Grammar, Broken Links, and Attachments:

If you commit errors while sending an email support message, it is likely to pull you down. It could potentially reduce your trust value with the customers. Support teams can avoid grammatical errors, broken links, file attachments by being attentive and using a few tools.

For grammar corrections, support agents can use tools like Grammarly, Microsoft Word, or any other grammar checking tool available online. Being attentive enables support teams to avoid mistakes like attaching the wrong files, not attaching the files, or pasting broken links.


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