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AR and VR – A Future of Law Enforcement

arvr development

AR and VR – A Future of Law Enforcement

The growth and development of immersive technologies like AR & VR have laid their footprints in almost every field. Nowadays law enforcement and police departments are increasingly using them in many of their training programs and real-world scenarios. The police department has been using traditional training for many years, this older system is very large, doesn’t have accessibility or availability for every trainee, and requires huge cost, which may sometimes not reach the trainees of law enforcement departments.

AR in Policing

The combination of AR and VR technology is used in decision-making and keeps people safe. According to the reports of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), AR overlays the information or images onto a person’s real-world can help the police to do a variety of tasks and investigations. Local police departments in the USA employ fewer officers because AR can complete the work of 3 police officers.

AR combined with AI uses facial recognition solution to help police officers to identify the thieves on the streets. Chinese police departments use AR smart glasses in airports and other majorly secured places. These glasses generally look like sunglasses but allow the police officers to access their country database information such as facial recognition, ID card details, and vehicle number information. This technology will help easily identify the suspects in real-time.

In the military AR can provide situational awareness of a particular region using AR glasses. The militants can easily identify the location of the terrorists. AR can also show the distance to target and mind images of them.

VR in Policing

VR is the next major development in police training. Many companies like Axon, Apex Officer, and NSENA gives VR training to police department using VR simulators and other training solutions. Here, police officers are trained using real-world scenarios in a virtual environment with intensive techniques, and other managerial skills. NSENA uses HTC Vive which is as exclusive hardware and other materials for police officers. They have other features which also include active shooters, bombers, traffic stops, domestic calls, etc.

VR creates immersive training experiences with the simulation of dangerous scenarios and events which is difficult to implement in real life. VR is also employed in the US Air force to speed up the process of becoming a pilot and address pilot shortages. VR provides practical pilot training which involves both AR and VR technology to decrease the time and cost of training.

There is also VirTra VR police training tool which is used to train police with hundreds of simulated scenarios.  It consists of more than 230 real-world scenarios that include everything from traffic stops, and domestic violence to mass shooters. It is a 360-degree simulation tool, where officers get to learn how to tackle dangerous situations and when to use force.

The future appeal of AR and VR

The real-time information from AR in reducing unnecessary traffics and also decreases the interactions between police officers and law-abiding citizens. AR technology will undertake traffic control and AR with VR have already improved police investigations and training.

AR/VR helps in reviewing and analyzing complex crime scenes that involve a large amount of information and data. It is also used in military and police departments to increase situational awareness before reaching the target place.


AR/VR in the law enforcement department has large scope but the market size is very small when compared to the other sectors. There are multiple challenges involved in leveraging these technologies in this field because their costs can be consistently high, and the department budgets may not support this adaptation of technology. Even though the benefits of using AR & VR technologies in police and law enforcement departments are high but lack of budget and hardware is quite a drawback in this sector.

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