Augmented Reality in Real Estate

How is Augmented Reality changing the Real Estate Industry?

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

How is Augmented Reality changing the Real Estate Industry?

How Is Augmented Reality Changing the Real Estate Industry?

The sharp rise usage of Augmented Reality is giving everyone a new experience of things. It has created a thriving impact on many business industries. The real estate industry is no different. AR has been used very effectively in real estate.

The use of 3D models, real-time technology, and 3D catalogues has enhanced the way real estate business is conducted. It helps you to provide your clients with information in an innovative way. This has resulted in a significant surge in the business graph.

We, at Sapizon Technologies, are providing our services in Augmented Reality in real estate. We have given the best solutions to our clients and helped them boost their businesses. Let us give you a quick run-down of the importance of AR in real estate.

How does AR help real estate businesses?

One of the most important factors in real estate is the catalogues you use to sell your product. The more appealing your catalogues, the more customers it will attract. And the chances of sale also increase by a great margin. 

The common drawback you face without this are:
  • Regular prints are not as attractive and informative.
  • Pictorial ads do not show a realistic picture.
  • Mobile and desktop apps lack full representation.
  • Visiting websites is time-consuming.

Augmented Reality apps help resolve these issues very well. It enables the clients to analyze sites, apartments, and buildings of their choice. This gives them better visuals, realistic pictures, and all the required details. They can do all this from any place without having to be physically present. As it gives them a real-time experience and can avoid wasting time on visiting places.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in real estate

There are several ways AR is benefitting the real estate industry. Let us break them down for you.

Latest marketing options: 

With constantly evolving technology, marketing techniques keep changing. Customer interest is drawn towards the latest trends making full use of it is a productive move on your part.  

Here is how marketing can be improved with AR: 
  • Print catalogues are more innovative with the help of AR.
  • Geo-tags that help locate your products in real-time.
  • You can create animated action buttons.
  • Offers you a wide coverage of app stores.
Clarity in understanding: 

Augmented Reality can help provide users with a better understanding of complex products.  

Here is how this can be achieved:
  • Accurate visualization of products with the help of real-time 3D graphics.
  • You can show apartments, sites to clients, and make adaptations according to their requirement.
Better engagement:

Several statistics and field studies have suggested the use of AR in real estate draws the attention of customers. It makes them feel more involved and helps in engaging interactions. When interactions are good, it directly results in upscale. 

Avoids unnecessary time consumption and expenses: 

If your customer is looking for an apartment, visiting each apartment physically can be time-consuming. It can cost both you and the customer if there are many options to explore. Using AR, you can avoid these possibilities. A brief explanation is given below. 

  • You can provide the client with the option of exploring apartments and sites in real-time through an AR app. This enables the client to at least narrow down the places to visit.
  • It can also help the client decide the criteria of places they like, avoiding the necessity for you to show them everything.


 Augmented Reality apps in Real Estate:

There are 3 types of AR apps in real estate. They are categorized based on the complexity of development. Given below are the categories and the features of each of them.

Simple AR app: 
  • Basic environment.
  • Simple object models.
  • Basic textures.
  • Basic lightning.
  • App store adaptation.
  • Google play adaptation.
 Advanced AR app:
  • Basic environment.
  • Advanced texture quality.
  • High-quality lightning.
  • High-quality models.
  • Sharing options.
  • App store adaptation.
  • Google play adaptation.
  • QR code for products.
Enterprise AR app: 
  • High-quality environment.
  • Detailed textures and lightning.
  • Interaction and sharing.
  • Database integration.
  • Animated objects.
  • Realistic textures and objects.
  • Google play adaptation.
  • App store adaptation.
  • Custom landing page.
  • QR code for products.

Augmented Reality is a tool that is revolutionizing the real estate market. and AR house are a couple of AR apps in real estate which are used widely.

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