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7 Best Apps Like Dave to Get Cash Advances Easily

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7 Best Apps Like Dave to Get Cash Advances Easily

Have you been in a situation where you must stress paying your bills because they have arrived early? This could be a big headache especially if you are living on a fixed salary. However, there is little reason to worry now as we have financial apps that will help you in this situation.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for ideas that will help you do good business, launching a financial application can be one thing for you to consider. Several existing mobile apps are trending in the market for various types of credit facilities they offer.

Among these apps, Dave is considered one of the best. It is a cash advance mobile application that allows the consumer to get advance cash before their payday and gives them the provision to pay back the amount without any overdraft charges.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best financial mobile apps like Dave to give you an idea of how beneficial it will be for you to choose a venture like this.


Earnin is an advance payment financial application. It is ideal for people with predictable incomes as it allows them to connect their bank accounts with the app.

This application offers 100 USD cash credit per day or 500 USD credit over a payment period. It is very much like Dave as it allows consumers to borrow money based on the number of hours they work. One of the biggest upsides of this application is that it does not have a subscription fee.

Earnin comprises a special Lightning Speed Program that allows users to deposit the amount borrowed within the day. While many fintech corporations charge for express transactions, Earnin provides this feature for free.


Even is one of the highly rated apps like Dave that offers early approvals for unpaid wages coupled with a few financial planning tools. This app allows

companies to have an open account with Even so that their employees can access it.

This application allows users to borrow up to 50% of their unpaid wages for a certain period. This concept is derived from the idea that workers earn credits for each hour they work, and it makes them entitled to the money.

Even enables users to get their cash out in one business day or get it instantly from select shopping centers.


Brigit is an advance cash mobile application that provides cash-outs ranging from the amount of 10 USD up to 250 USD a month. This application stands out for its credit check and the predictions it makes about every user’s spending pattern.

This strategic feature indicates to the users that the organization providing them credit is also intent on keeping them out of unnecessary debt. Brigit screens the subscribers it gets on a strict basis contrary to Dave.

For instance, a user who is seeking a subscription needs to make at least 1500 USD to qualify for the subscription. It is to validate if the subscriber can make payments promptly.


Chime has become one of the most popular fintech mobile apps even though it has not been around in the market for long. It comprises roughly eight million accounts and is close to 10 million users.

According to industry experts, most of the applications like Dave that are touching the market these days are coming out of the Chime handbook. It is considered the best app for users who are looking to build a credit score and save money.

Chime allows users to cash out 200 USD in a day without any overdraft charges. It is more than just an advance cash finance app. Opening an account with Chime enables users to set up a savings bank account with any minimum balance to be maintained.



FloatMe is an easy-finance mobile application that helps millennials improve their finances. It is a new payday advance app useful to any user who wishes to subscribe for a monthly membership fee amounting to just 2 USD.

This app also offers a 30-day trial for potential subscribers to try their services. They can then either continue with the subscription or cancel before the trial period expires.


Payactiv is considered one of the best advance cash apps like Dave. This app can service any employed subscribers and give them access to cash out for the number of hours they have worked.

Users can get instant advance cash-outs without having to pay any hidden charges like monthly fees, recurring fees, etc. They can also request advance pay checks based on how much they make in a pay period.


MoneyLion is a cash-out mobile application that allows users to cash out 250 USD in a day. It is very much like Brigit when it comes to policies which makes it important for users to be screened.

Users who are eligible for advance paychecks would not be liable to the interest given they qualify as dependable assets for the company providing the cash-outs. MoneyLion is a popular application that is still finding its way around several states in USA.


Advance cash-out mobile applications are on-demand and if you are planning to launch an app of your own, hiring a mobile app development company like us will hold you in good stead.

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