Best Cloud Apps for Organizations

Best Cloud Apps for Organizations

Best Cloud Apps for Organizations

Best Cloud Apps for Organizations

Best Cloud Apps for Organizations

Business organizations are leaning increasingly on technology to increase productivity in their operations. Although the cloud has been around for quite a while now, many business organizations are still coming to terms to keep their workloads on-prem.

On the contrary, most organizations have also embraced the idea of moving their workloads on cloud and are enjoying a seamless operation that ultimately garners increased productivity in the business. Cloud also gives the scope of saving time and effort with an easy to maintain concept.

A significant number of cloud applications provide the option of integrating other applications in order to work faster. As one of the best cloud service providers, we at Sapizon Technologies ensure we make every process seamless for our clients.

Here are some of the Best Cloud Apps for Organizations we recommend:

Office 365 (Microsoft 365)

Office 365 is a cloud version of the Microsoft office suite. To meet the actual requirement of office users and regular home users, multiple versions of this application are designed. It has gained good traction among organizations and has been a recipient of widespread popularity.

Office 365 comes with the entire package consisting of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, TEAMS and more. It also offers an integration different third-party applications like Zoho, JIRA, Trello, Asana to name a few.

Google Apps

Google is offering cloud-based applications since long now. It not only allows you to store data online but also allows you to work on it. These applications are Gmail, Google Drive, Google Office, Google Maps etc.

With Google Apps, most of the users perform their tasks smoothly with the help of integrated applications. This is one of the reasons why it is very popular among users and also among businesses.


Slack is another popular cloud-based application that is known for its effective collaboration with various tools. Among notable organizations, Slack is effectively used in AIRBNB, The LA Times, Capital one, and more.

With over 10 million active users weekly, it has become one of the best cloud apps for business organizations. Hence, it is used more and more in commercial environments.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has been long known for deploying some of the best commercial applications. And Adobe Creative Cloud is now one of them as it can be used on any computer without any issues. With a creative cloud setup, you can enjoy premium applications without having to spend a lot of time.

We know that some applications take a long time to install from the very beginning on an individual machine. Adobe gives users an advantage to set up data in the cloud without going through any tedious process.


Dropbox is a widely used cloud application that provides various store range and share options among co-workers and clients with a single link. Though other applications also provide this option, they are not as user-friendly as Dropbox which explains why it was over 500 million users.

Dropbox has a limited storage option which can be increased if needed. With loyal users and followers, Dropbox is one of the first options available in the market as a cloud-based tool.

Apple iCloud

iCloud is a top-drawer cloud application offered by Apple to enable organizations to store documents, photos, audios, videos, calendars etc. in the cloud. It allows users to backup iOS and MAC devices instead of being reliant on manual backups.

Backups in iCloud occur daily given you have an internet connection and a power source. This application also offers to restore all the workloads of your organization if the devices are synced to it and backed up.


Because of the remarkable efficiency it provides, many organizations have termed Salesforce as one of the best cloud applications. It consists of multiple tools that support functionalities such as sales, marketing, e-commerce, etc. Users are more attracted to a platform like this because of the options.

As it provides a personalized set of tools at low costs, individuals and organizations are using it at an exponential rate.


JIRA is a cloud application that provides planning and roadmap tools those help development teams in managing stakeholders, budgets, and feature requirements of a project in the cloud from the beginning. It allows integration of on-premises tools for development.

It enables users to store key-value files, update them, and delete them via JIRA Cloud REST APIs. Entity properties help with JIRA cloud integration by implementing features like JQL integration using a few search extractions.


It is quite evident that Cloud-based Applications are at peak. You need to understand the features of every app/tool before taking the mileage. And for this, you need to rely on reputed cloud service providers like us.

As one of the best cloud service providers, we are now offering a consultation with our experts to help you understand our services better.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.