Codeless Test Automation: A Brief Guide


Codeless Test Automation: A Brief Guide

Quality Assurance and software testing have evolved to a great extent in recent times. Modern technologies have enhanced these practices and opened many ways for QA teams to accelerate the process without cutting back on the quality of testing.

Among many such trending practices, is Codeless Test Automation. In this post, we will briefly discuss what Codeless Testing is and how it is carried out.

Codeless Test Automation

Codeless Test Automation is a process that does not require the testers to write test scripts. It can also be considered as an extension of low-code testing that provides development tools to QA teams to access through GUI instead of conventional programming.

Codeless Test Automation is known as script-less, low-code, or no-code test automation based on how different QA experts have termed it. The different terms suggest there is a tiny variation during implementation however there is one common thing here that Codeless Automation Testing allows the operator to create scripts in an automation framework and implement it on the system under test.

Why You Need Codeless Test Automation?

One of the crucial advantages of codeless test automation is that it allows more groups to take part. Regular automation testing tools like Selenium require highly skilled specialists to manage the test scripts. As there are more groups involved to create automation flows here, QA teams can get close to delivering better software in quick time.

This type of testing means developers, testers, and business analysts take part in the testing process. Often, there is a disconnect between the tech team and the business team. Codeless Automation Testing allows these teams to collaborate effectively.

Key Features to Focus in a Codeless Automation Solution


Although it is perceived that codeless test automation is simple and easy, there are a few challenges here too. Particularly if you are new to this process, you are better served taking guidance and support from QA experts who have sufficient knowledge of codeless test automation.

This will help testers enhance their skill and learn up close about the process from seasoned professionals.

Integration with CI/CD

Some of the most pivotal aspects in the CI/CD process are rapid testing, software building, and deployment of a software. This makes Codeless Automation Testing a crucial part of the CI/CD pipeline as it ensures faster product delivery without any compromise in quality.

Intelligent Exploratory Testing

With technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning used in IT processes more often than earlier, the scope for exploratory testing in QA is increasing rapidly.

Exploratory testing involves following a certain model that is under test to find possibly hidden defects in an application. This process does not require testers to write a script or follow it.

For instance, let us assume you are running an exploratory test on an e-commerce website. Your team will test it by selecting an item, adding it to the cart, removing it, and adding it again. Because this happens so quickly, testers often lose control of the test cases.

Through exploratory testing, QA teams can determine which part of these test cases is affecting the application negatively.

Non-Invasive Testing

With applications like SAP, codeless testing solutions that can interact with the UI hold a great advantage. As we have so many browsers, networks, and distributed

workforces, it is crucial for enterprises to ensure technical issues do not hamper the productivity of the app.

As non-invasive testing solutions operate at a UI level, they are suited to testing these types of setups. This also applies to industries like fintech, healthcare, and transport, where regulations state that all the data is critically controlled 24/7.

Monitoring Capabilities

This is arguably one of the biggest advantages of codeless automation testing. It brings more individuals and experts to the fore so that all the insights of the process, software quality, and performance can be conveniently accessed and shared with the stakeholders.

As all the QA activities are monitored regularly, different teams can work together and aim for broader business goals.

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