digital transformation

How Digital Testing is Enhancing Digital Transformation and CX Across Industries?

digital transformation

How Digital Testing is Enhancing Digital Transformation and CX Across Industries?

Digital transformation is at peak demand in the market these days because of vigorous competition. Every company needs smart digital apps to provide a good Customer Experience.

To achieve this, however, companies need to ensure efficient performance and vigilant security of digital apps. Therefore digital testing is essential. It allows testers to carry out end-to-end testing of applications to improve their overall quality, performance, and security.

What is Digital Testing?

Digital testing is a software testing method where testers implement both functional and non-functional tests to ensure the application functions flawlsessly.

This strategy enables QA teams to carry out various types of testing processes like regression testing, automation testing, performance testing, big data testing, and more.

As these testing types cover a wide criterion of QA, digital testing has an increasing demand. It is used by several software testing companies to deliver defect-free software to the market in a quick time.

According to random surveys carried out across various industries, the digital testing market was worth 3 billion USD in 2018 and is predicted to surpass 8.5 billion USD by the end of 2025.

The major component driving this growth is the use of DevOps and agile application development methodologies in diverse areas. The increase of automation testing for better QA results is also considered a factor.

How Digital Testing Helps in Enabling Effective Digital transformation?

Digital Testing helps businesses enable progressive digital transformation with the following:

1. Delivers a Great CX:

Every app is expected to deliver a seamless CX these days and it is one of the more critical elements of digital transformation. Digital testing allows enterprises to ensure their applications and platforms work efficiently, meet customer expectations, and provide a good CX.

2. Allows Integration of Digital Technology:

It is a known fact that digital transformation demands the adoption and integration of digital technology. Thus, digital testing becomes highly essential in procuring seamless integration of the latest technologies in an organization.

3. Data Security and Privacy:

Data security and privacy is a major concern for every company in the docket today. With digital testing, companies can ensure security by conducting robust testing of apps against vulnerabilities and other security issues.

4. Continuous Improvement:

As digital testing enables end-to-end testing of an application, it leads to faster identification and removal of any defects. Thus, implementation of digital testing in the DevOps environment can propagate continuous improvement of the application.

5. Allows Personalization and Customization of the Services:

Effective digital transformation also demands enterprises to deliver personalized and customized services to their customers. With digital testing, they can peak into customer insights and customize their services as per customer requirements.

How is Digital Testing Enhancing the CX Across Industries?

Digital testing has made its way across industries and helped businesses enhance customer experiences.


Some of the most common CX challenges that are usually found with healthcare apps are issues concerned with usability, implementation, and integration.

With digital testing, the usability of apps can be improved significantly. What it also does is, ensures effective integration of the app with medical devices. This crucial development enables healthcare sectors to enhance CX.


Telecom applications face challenges like the complexity of underlying API layers, lack of network security, several pending customer requests, etc. Digital testing allows organizations to validate the underlying layers of telecom apps while maintaining network security.

It enables quick responses to customer queries which then leads to a greater CX.

Banking and Finance:

The fintech sector faces several challenges with its apps like frequent timeouts, unexpected crashes, security, and privacy of data, transaction security, etc. Digital testing enables companies to own high-quality and secure banking apps that do not crash or lead to transactional failures.

It also ensures the customer data is secure and thus delivering a valuable CX to the users.

Retail and eCommerce:

Most of the retail and eCommerce apps have issues concerning performance, user interface, navigation, network, etc. These issues can affect the customer experience in many ways.

By conducting digital testing here, companies can leverage successful eCommerce apps that work well under different user loads, shifting networks, and inconsistent bandwidths.

They can also enhance the user interface along with navigation of the app to ensure delivery of a more than satisfying CX.

Media and Entertainment:

This sector faces stern challenges as most of their apps lack digital technology integration, personalized content delivery, and they possess poor integrations. Digital testing allows businesses to avail quality entertainment apps with appropriate integrations involving AR/VR, AI, ML, etc. It also allows them to gain insights into the likes and dislikes of customers. By rendering them personalized experiences, companies can improve their CX.


There is little doubt over the semblance of digital testing and the impact it has on industries with both digital transformation and CX. The most important thing is to implement the process efficiently. And for this, you will need to hire a top software testing company.

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