AR technology

How 5G Will Impact Augmented Reality?

AR technology

How 5G Will Impact Augmented Reality?

Have you experienced using 5G yet? Is it coming to your geographical vicinity soon? There is no room for concern here because 5G is all set to be introduced in all parts of the world soon enough. Tentatively, by the end of 2026, almost every region of the world will have 5G internet connectivity.

The arrival of 5G is likely to have a enormous impact on various areas of the IT domain. Among them, Augmented Reality is one technology that will be benefited in many ways. In this post, we will discuss how modern tech like 5G will give a new way.

5G on Augmented Reality

You are right in wondering what possible updates or changes 5G will bring to an already immersive 5G Augmented Reality technology. For starters, 5G is expected to bring AR technology to the fingertips of users. Be it through the use of an AR app or Web AR, Augmented Reality, at the moment, is limited to 4G.

Although AR is capable of delivering more engaging experiences, the 4G network needs certain experiences to be modified down. With 5G coming into the picture, this issue will be resolved rather easily as it will facilitate all advanced experiences to be included in an AR app.

Explaining the AR Experience with 5G

Any Augmented Reality experience that is more than 20MB puts the onus on 4G networks. With 5G networks, however, experiences that are sized in GB are very much feasible. 5G methodically eradicates the limitations on AR tech. This enables end-users to get better AR experiences with the 5G network.

According to several surveys, customers are willing to pay 30% more for the new level of convenience that 5G offers. The prospects of higher and faster resolution video streams coupled with AR experiences are likely to increase the number of users, sales, revenue, and more.

How AR Content with 5G Looks Like

Here are a few instances to explain what Augmented Reality content integrated with 5G will look like:

Healthcare from a Distance

Healthcare from a distance is very important for the healthcare domain in today’s world. Ever since the pandemic started, phone calls, online queries, and virtual visits have increased substantially. 5G is expected to help further improve this field.

Devices like AR goggles could be very useful in the training and preparation of medical staff. For instance, mental health therapy requires AR apps as they are known to help reduce the time taken for a session and make the experience more productive for the user.

Improvement in Realistic Gaming

While gaming has always been popular among the masses, the pandemic-induced social distancing has made it a necessity or even a norm. What 5G does is, it makes the Augmented Reality gaming experiences more immersive realistic, and life-like than they already are.

The advanced graphics coupled with overlaid characters enable gamers to enjoy the immersive experience almost like they are interacting with real elements. 5G is expected to transform a gamer’s experience significantly moving forward.

Real-Life Experience of a Museum

People who are curious about history and artifacts would highly prefer witnessing them closely. This can now happen courtesy of Augmented Reality with 5G. Quick data transmission enables users to see tiny details that are not entirely visible with a 4G network.

Improved Sports Experiences

5G integrated Augmented Reality applications allow sports enthusiasts experience live games up-close without being actually present at the venue. With 5G, users are primed to have an in-stadium experience. In other words, the game comes instead of them going to the game and they can watch their favorite players in real-time.

More Immersive Marketing

5G Augmented Reality applications are bound to transform marketing stints into immersive experiences. Be it AR ads or AR E-commerce activities, end-user will be relying a great deal on AR to drive their decision-making process.

Every marketing strategy in the current business scenario will adopt Augmented Reality in some form or the other.

Augmented Reality App Development at Sapizon Technologies

While 5G is already making an impact on AR tech, it is pivotal not to lag and keep making progress along with the trend. For this, you will need to partner with expert AR developers who are also familiar with 5G. Sapizon Technologies is an ideal choice for you to create engaging AR applications.

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