How Agile Testing Helps Building a Bank for the Future?

How Agile Testing Helps Building a Bank for the Future?

How Agile Testing Helps Building a Bank for the Future?

How Agile Testing Helps Building a Bank for the Future?

How Agile Testing Helps Building a Bank for the Future?

Agile Testing practices have been deemed necessary in the banking industry amidst the growing challenges and transitions in various processes. Fintech is concentrating more on enhancing customer experience in recent times.

They have foregone the regular operational processes aiming to increase the market responsiveness, affordability, sustainability, and quality of services. This has shown effective results as many banks have strengthened their foundation.

Sapizon Technologies is one of the leading Software Testing Companies in the USA. We are a pioneer in agile methodologies and have played an instrumental role in transfSorming the way banks operate. We have enabled our clients to follow a simple, digitized, low-risk strategy to enhance their operations.

Through continuous innovative agile adoption, we have ensured our clients deliver excellent customer experiences. Our sole focus is to make them succeed in their digital initiatives.

Our team of experienced and skilled software testers implements robust testing strategies to identify issues in the system and eradicate it with precision. They are familiar with the banking domain operation specializing in agile.

Three-Phased Approach

At Sapizon Technologies, we encourage our clients in the banking industry to adopt this approach to smoothen the process of digitization:

Phase 1

This phase involves building a strong digital foundation for banks along with creating a scalable platform that allows them to provide choice and convenience to their customers.

Phase 2

This phase involves enhancing digital capabilities and taking up transformation via agile methodology to improve the overall experience and efficiency in operations.

Phase 3

Herein, banks are advised to digitize the group and transform the working ways on a broader scale. It also involves more agile and efficient ways of operating by building key skills with better in-house capabilities.

How Agile Transformation is Digitizing Banks

A sensible approach in the adoption and implementation of agile practices evades the recurring challenges in the banking industry reducing the risk factors. Here are a few pointers to explain how this is carried out:

  • When banks begin an agile transformation process, they agree to a successful digital transformation as the agile principles apply to all the crucial functions.
  • Agile methods render flexibility to the process which allows for changes during transformation without affecting regular operations.
  • With technological advancements, the expectations of customers to seek convenience in operation are increasing. Agile testing and transformation accelerate the process to improve customer experience in minimal time.

How Banks Can Become Truly Agile

There are a few crucial elements like people, methods, and technology that banks need to incorporate to become truly agile. By proactively addressing these elements, it is achievable. Let us explain how


The agile manifesto has stressed more about individuals and their interactions than processes and tools. Therefore, leaders in the transformation process need to align their people and form a united front.

It is believed by renowned industry experts that if any method can be delivered successfully if the individuals of an organization are carrying a positive mindset and are on the same page about the process. If mindsets are inconsistent and the work culture is on the downside, no method can be productive.


Agile adoption is a matter of permutation and combinations of what would or would not work for a banking organization. This suggests that there is no one-fits-all solution for this.

Methods are only the means to agile. Hence, it is not required that they are followed unconditionally. The flexibility of processes and tools play a vital role in the implementation of the method.


Technology is the easier part after the people and the method part is resolved. The reason for this becoming simpler is because issues usually occur due to a lack of flexibility from people and methodologies.

After establishing an element of trust with the people and effectively streamlining the processes, banks can decide which technology is more feasible for them.

The Testing Part

Banks these days face several challenges like performance failures, lack of compliance, security vulnerabilities, complexities in functions, etc. This is why agile adoption has been deemed to be a failure more than it has been a success.

Through efficient agile testing, the transformation can be achieved seamlessly for enhanced customer experiences. Agile Testing ensures optimal performance and also helps achieve the desired results. You can rely on our services to achieve these results effectively.

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