How Augmented Reality Can Be Deployed in Sport

How Augmented Reality Can Be Deployed in Sport?

How Augmented Reality Can Be Deployed in Sport

How Augmented Reality Can Be Deployed in Sport?

How Augmented Reality Can Be Deployed in Sport?

It is not known to many that Augmented Reality has been around in sports since the late 1990s. This emerging technology has now become a must-have in almost all industrial domains in recent times. Apart from the fact that it keeps the users involved, it has also proven to be profitable.

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Use of Augmented Reality in Sports

Coming back to AR in sports, there are multiple ways in which the experience of sports has been enhanced for both the audience and the players. Here is a brief explanation of how:

For Players to Play Better

Every sport is evolving in its own way as time goes on. But have you heard about how technology can make players change the way they play? Augmented Reality allows players to do this subtly.

For instance, football involves a lot of running, agility, dodging, and a presence of mind. With the use of AR, players can cope with their game in certain areas. A player would be able to detect the speed at which the ball is traveling, the positions of other players involved in the match, and the time left.

These elements are more than enough for a player to alter his/her style of play and play according to the live happenings they can view through Augmented Reality.

Players use AR glasses or the visors of their helmets as devices that give them access to the immersive content. Augmented Reality enables the players to know about each other better and also get a better understanding of how the game can be played.

For the Audience to Get Closer

Fans are the ones who bring so much energy to the field and transfer it onto the players and fans always want to be as close to the players as they can be. They experience the whole game like players do and live their emotions in real-time.

With Augmented Reality, all this can be boosted, and fans will be closer to the players now than ever. It allows for the digitization of the matchday program and enables fans to take part in contests that will earn them an in-depth virtual tour of the stadium along with a possibility to meet them.

This type of immersive content can be incorporated both in individual and team sports. This benefits both the fans and the players in a certain way. While fans can enjoy the experience of being close to the players, players can interact with the fans and obtain their loyalty.

For the Audience to See More

The audience in a sports stadium brings life to games in every sport. They are zealous about the sport and the team/individual they are supporting and no matter how much action you provide the audience, they are always found wanting more.

The trends that are getting increasingly popular are:

· The use of Augmented Reality to create images of fans with digital face paintings.

· Providing fans with a unique adaptability feature when they use their device in the park/stadium.

· Enhanced fantasy football that is creating a way for owners to draft the players with the help of mobile devices through GPS and AR.

· Some sports even allow the fans to take their experience to the next level by clicking pictures with players next to them.

It cannot be stressed enough that fans are the key to making a sport popular and also in making the players and teams involved in a team popular. Therefore, ensuring they get the best experience is imperative in the sports domain.

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