App Development cost like Airbnb

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Airbnb?

App Development cost like Airbnb

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Airbnb?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Airbnb?

Traveling to an exciting location and renting an entire place for themselves has proven to be a brilliant experience for travel enthusiasts. With the amount of work stress and busy lives everyone is dealing with, people are always yearning for a getaway or holiday destination that will give them a break.

And now with the advent of smartphones and mobile applications, it is easy to find destinations that can help one relax which is rather important for every individual to experience this. To enjoy a holiday, one always looks for a good place to stay at.

This is exactly what an app like Airbnb provides. For instance, if you are making plans for a travel adventure at the most economical rates, Airbnb provides you the option of renting a property, homestay, private room, etc., based on your choice. All this can be done by sitting on your couch and browsing through a mobile app on your smartphone. Airbnb has been a successful app model that several entrepreneurs are now trying to replicate. And no wonder. Because it is an on-demand mobile app across countries.

Are you planning to create an app like Airbnb? If yes, you might be looking at mobile app development cost estimates. This post will give you a clear idea as most of the cost depends on the factors listed here. However, you need to first understand how the Airbnb app works.

For Guests:

Airbnb works in the following way for users who log in as guests:

  • A user installs the Airbnb app and registers or logs in on the app.
  • They must enter their details like name, date of birth, phone number, etc.
  • Once the profile is set up, users can start searching for a place at the location they are traveling to.
  • A user can apply filters like prices and amenities offered to choose a place of his or her liking.
  • Request the stay by placing a booking order.
  • Make the payment for the booking.

For Hosts:

  • A host, who should be above the age of 18, must register and log in on the app.
  • Enter his or her details and verify them with documents like ID cards.
  • Register his or her property on Airbnb with document details.
  • List the property with details like location, the number of guests to be accommodated, amenities offered, and more.
  • Post real pictures of the property.
  • The host can set house rules based on his or her discretion.
  • When prospective guests approach them, the host can chat with them on the app.
  • Booking is provided once payment is made from the guests’ end.

Important Features of an App Like Airbnb:


Like any other mobile app, registering and signing up is the first step for users in Airbnb. This feature is designed to allow users to register via email or a phone number or both. A ‘terms and conditions screen is designed for users to accept before registration is completed.


The login feature comes with several options for users. The important thing is to make the login process easier for them. Ideally, an app must provide them with options such as log in with email, Google, and Facebook.

To make this work, developers must integrate the application with each of these platforms. Additional functions like ‘Forgot password’ and ‘Log out’ should also be built into this feature to make the app user-friendly.


The search feature is vital for booking services on Airbnb. And consumers are better served when provided with an advanced search system. This feature must possess a function where users can set their trip dates and select the number of guests making the trip.

It allows users to only view properties that will accommodate the number of people entered and those that are vacant on the given dates.


The ‘favorites’ feature allows users to add places they like to the list on their Airbnb profile. If they are visiting a particular location frequently on business, for instance, they can find the property faster and make their booking.


Airbnb allows the guest and the host to chat online so that they can clarify conundrums if any. It could also be for users to request more pictures or a video of the property. The chat feature is programmed to function as a message application.


Both the profile types in Airbnb, guests, and hosts are allowed to edit and enhance their profile whenever required through this feature. The hosts can add more pictures, videos, and new amenities to their profile to garner more appeal for their property.


The payments feature must allow users to pay through e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, UPI accounts, etc. Mobile apps like Airbnb are to maintain a secure payment gateway all the transactions are carried out online.

Push Notification:

Once the payment is made and the booking is completed, users must get a confirmation through SMS, Email, and a push notification on the app.


These above-mentioned features give you a clear indication of the mobile app development cost. If you are looking to create a mobile app like Airbnb cost-effectively, hiring Sapizon to do this job is the ideal solution.

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