How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Headspace?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Headspace?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Headspace?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Headspace?

Yoga, meditation, and peace are the words that hold the age-old secret to good mental well-being and also the manifestation of personality transformation in a person. These days, we have several entrepreneurs who recognize the importance of mental health and are willing to act on it.

The formula to implement good self-control has grown enough to not just help transform a person’s mindset but also to provide entrepreneurs with a successful business model.

When practices like Yoga went mainstream on mobile devices, it did not take much for the meditation and mindfulness branches to follow the route. This has led to a corporate expansion of meditation and yoga using mobile applications as a pillar.

What is Headspace?

A personal well-being sector like mental health and wellness is still not at its peak even after being high in demand for a decent amount of time now. This sector still has the potential to uplift entrepreneurs with constructive ideas. The headspace mobile application is the perfect example of this.

Headspace was founded in 2008 by an aspiring entrepreneur from London, Rich Pierson. He was partnered by Andy Puddicombe, a Buddhist monk for details about the centuries-old practice.

In due time, Headspace has become a huge name in the meditation app list of the most successful and profitable business stories. This company is known to have raised 75.2 million USD funding in 4 years to make the mind a better place.

Headspace has worked substantially on the feature-set and business model that has made them the brand they are today. According to leading business analysts, it has also helped define the benefits of meditation in general and made it an essential part of the business ecosystem.

Important Features Required for an App Like Headspace

To determine the cost of developing an app like headspace, it is important to know and understand what features you need to add. Here are some of the prominent features.

1. Profile Creation

Contrary to other applications, the details that you would have to work around would be slightly different here. The generic details such as name, social media links, and emails would be the same as it would require you to ask for some additional information from the users like:

  • Age
  • The time they would invest in a day.
  • Update on their stress level.

2. Introductory Course

The thing that makes applications like headspace successful is that these apps do not require every registered user to be familiar to the century-old practice that meditation is.

Instead, they add introductory courses for each user so that he or she can get up to speed on how the process works.

3. Gamification

Several psychologists have suggested that more than 70% of humans crave the kick of competition irrespective of their state of mind. Adding an element of gamification in the application not just quenches the kick addiction but also enhances business retention strategies.

The headspace application provides users with an achievement system wherein each user gets a badge for finishing the sessions for a certain number of days consecutively. The competitive drive and the desire of users to increase their scores make them visit the app regularly.

4. Session Sets

The most crucial part of any meditation app is the session set. Every meditation application is compiled of multiple session sets that guide users through the process of achieving a state of calmness and relaxation.

5. Audio and Video Playback

Another pivotal part of the session sets would be an audio and video playback option. Despite being integrated with the sessions, app owners can give the users the chance to record their voice or video log their meditation practice to see how the breathing fared from day one to the day of the log.

6. Push Notifications

Seldom does any feature help in solidifying the app retention strategies as much as the ‘push notification’ feature does. It can be a challenging process to keep coming back to an application that brings you outside of your comfort zone. This fact alone can make people skip days.

The one feature that prevents users from making this a habit is the ‘push notification’ feature. Timely sent-out push notifications can send users a reminder that they have to visit the application to maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind.

7. Activity Tracking

Activity tracking is that part of the app where the users are updated regularly about their activities on the app. It shows them the progress they have made in the application and the number of stages they are required to cover to reach the next stage of calmness.

8. In-App Purchases

‘In-app purchases’ is a feature that is listed in almost every mobile app these days. It provides users with the option to pay for a subscription account or purchase advanced features of the application through a built-in app purchase option.

The only responsibility of the app owners here would be to ensure that the payment gateway is safe, and no transactions are susceptible to vulnerability.

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