How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Neighbourly?


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Neighbourly?

Tech giants like Google have always been known to cater to the needs of the audience. Be it video streaming apps like YouTube or online payment applications like Google Pay, end-users have always benefited from it.

Similarly, they have launched another app called Neighbourly which is now helping the audience in multiple ways.

What is Neighbourly?

Neighbourly is a question-and-answer application launched by Google. It is a very popular app and has been a trend in the market since 2018. Currently, it has more than 10 million users across the globe.

It is an application that provides local information to the users about their neighbourhood. Let us assume you are a user. You can easily make use of this app to post questions or answers to various queries being raised by other users in the neighbourhood.

While the main purpose of this application is to help people get answers to their queries, it has also proven to be very helpful for businesses. According to statistics, Neighbourly has generated a revenue of more than 11 million USD from the start of 2019 to 2021.

An Overview of the Neighbourly App

The Neighbourly mobile app intends to cater to various needs of users who are looking to explore their neighbourhood. By using this app, all these users can get answers to their questions in minimal time.

The uniqueness of the neighbourly app is all courtesy of the creativity of developers. Because even with all the advancements in AI, there is a possibility of error whereas humans can successfully double check everything.

This is one of the reasons why Google decided to design this app based on human intelligence. Apart from helping people explore their neighbourhood, this

application is also beneficial to people who are visiting a certain area. Since humans can provide better help compared to automated programs, this application is prominent in today’s business environment.

How Does Neighbourly App Work?

When you are developing a mobile app, it is important to understand and decide how you want it to work. Like any other crowdsource application, Neighbourly allows the users to post a question they want about the neighbourhood and also to answer the queries that are already posted.

The application uses the GPS tool to provide a list of questions on the users’ display. One of the best things about how the Neighbourly app works are that it secures all the user information given to it.

For example, if a user posts his or her query, only the name and profile picture is displayed on the application. Any other information they provide on the application is confidential for others except the user.

The latest version of the Neighbourly application supports both text and voice-based commands in a language preferred by the users.

Important Features to Add in an App Like Neighbourly

Here are some of the important features to be added in an app like Neighbourly:

1. Signup and Registration

This is the most basic feature that almost every mobile app provides to its users. It allows users to conveniently access the mobile app after they have registered themselves on the application.

2. Select Locality

This feature is integrated with GPS, and it allows the users to select the area to post or answer their queries.

3. Post Questions/Answers

By using this feature, users can their questions of the app and answer the queries based on their location of choice.

4. Voice Recognition

This is a dynamic feature that enables an app user to post a question or an answer by using a voice command. This feature recognizes the voice of the user and the words he or she says to post the question and answer on the app.

5. Smart Notification

Smart notification is a feature that notified the users whenever someone answers the queries they have posted.

6. Social Share

This is another feature that is very much necessary for an app like Neighbourly. It allows users to get a better reach for their queries by sharing them on social media.

7. Delete Questions

This feature allows users to delete the queries they have posted once they get a satisfactory or relevant answer. Similarly, if someone posts inaccurate information about the neighbourhood, they can delete it too.

8. Report Spam

This is a very important feature as it allows users to mark certain queries of answers as spam if they find it inappropriate.

Cost to Develop an App Like Neighbourly

The cost to develop an app like Neighbourly can be relatively on the higher side. However, you can achieve this in economical way by outsourcing the process to a leading mobile app development company like us, Sapizon Technologies.

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