How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Red Bus?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Red Bus?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Red Bus?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Red Bus?

In recent years, we have witnessed rapid growth in the online bus ticket booking industry. Several entrepreneurs are stepping into the online bus ticketing market by developing smart, user-friendly, and reliable mobile applications.

redBus is one of the best bus booking applications currently with more than 30 million users worldwide and a powerful network of operators. redBus is a platform that provides a wide range of services to customers like seat selection, types of seats, amenities required, rescheduling, and much more.

Why Developing a Bus Booking App is a Good Idea?

  • Bus booking mobile applications allow users to choose from different types of buses.
  • This application helps users select their preferred seats, type of bus, nearest pick up and drop locations, and a wide range of prices to choose from.
  • LIVE bus tracking is enabled which helps users keep a tab on where a bus is.
  • Flexible payment options are provided.
  • Option of logging in through social media.

Features Which Will Determine the Cost

Here are a few features required for an app like redBus which will help you determine the cost of development:

Social Media Signup:

These days, any mobile application that you develop requires a social media login option because it has become an easy way for users to log in to the app. Integrating your app with social media helps create a better user experience that will directly lead to a boost in sales.

In this digital era, social media plugins like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc. are must-have plugins in the app.

Search and Booking

Bus booking applications need to have a faster and easier search option that allows users to enter their boarding location, drop-off location, date of travel, etc., and get the bus results.

Sorting and Filtering

Sorting and filtering make it more convenient for the customers to book tickets. Customers can apply filters to sort the results along with the data to get results that match.

There are various filtering options provided to customers in bus booking applications. These include time, bus type, pick-up and drop points, prices, seat types, and more.

Seat Selection

Seat selection is one of the most important features of the app that allows users to gauge the availability of seats. Through this feature, users can also manually select seats with the help of an indicator that shows if a seat is available or not.

The application must also fetch real-time seat availability as many customers prefer traveling in specific types of seats.


Bus booking mobile apps like redBus must offer features that enable users the flexibility to reschedule a ride. Users need to enter details like Booking ID and email ID to reschedule a bus booking already made.

Users need to request rescheduling based on a few parameters that directly affect the application.

Refer and Earn

This is another dynamic feature that allows users to earn by referring the app to their connections who are not users. As a bonus, these customers are given a discount on ticket-fare or a free booking option. This feature becomes important from a customer retention perspective.

Payment Gateways

Providing users with more payment options while the booking process makes your application more appealing to them. They must be able to choose from multiple payment options these days like PayPal, Google Pay, PhonePe, credit card, debit card, and more. It is very important to render secure payment options to the users.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews provide extra information on bus conditions, services, and other legitimate things that are related. Users can check the reviews from other people while purchasing a product or making a booking.

This feature not only helps the users but also the app owners to reflect where they stand from a business point of view.

Confirmation and e-Tickets

Bus booking mobile applications need to have integration with SMS and also a feature that sends automated emails to users about the booking confirmation.

Real-Time Bus Tracking

This is the most important feature of the bus booking app. By integrating GPS with the app, users can track the live location of the bus. This enables them to estimate the time of bus arrival and be aware of the whereabouts.

The real-time bus tracking feature helps bus operators improve punctuality and prevents them from losing track of time.

Chat Window

A chat window enables users to directly contact operators when there is an emergency or when there are queries. You can also create an AI-driven chatbot to get a better customer experience.

Developing an App Like redBus Cost-Effectively

As evident from everything presented above, redBus is the type of application that has several features. This directly iterates that development cost can be on the higher side. One way for you to develop an app like this cost-effectively is to partner with Sapizon Technologies.

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