How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Spotify?


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Spotify?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Spotify?

Business in the music domain has grown significantly spanning over the last couple of decades. Gone are the days where we had to wait for radio stations to play our favorite, and gone are the days when we had to queue up to purchase DVDs of the latest albums.

The introduction of modern technologies has led to a drastic transformation in the way music is accessed around the globe, and mobile applications have played a magical role in this.

Music enthusiasts are not even required to download songs from a website these days. Instead, they can install an audio streaming, mobile app, and groove to their favorite melodies. Among mobile app users, Spotify is one of the most famous music apps globally known to provide great variety. 

About Spotify

Spotify is an online audio streaming platform that has gained unparalleled success in the digital market, with more than 150 million users worldwide. And a large percentage of these users have opted for premium memberships.

This mobile app possesses more than 35 million songs in its library that users can stream without downloading. Even since it was released in 2008, Spotify has impacted the music industry in several positive ways. So much that many entrepreneurs are looking to create another app like this.

Working of Spotify Mobile App

If you are one of those business organizations aspiring to build an audio streaming mobile app, you must understand how Spotify works. Here are a few helpful pointers:

· It runs on both Android and iOS devices.

· Users gain access to their favorite tracks by simply signing in.

· Offers a free and premium account to users that allows them access to advanced features.

Features Required for an App Like Spotify

One of the crucial aspects that determines the cost of a mobile app like Spotify is its features. So here are the features that are a must-have for an online audio streaming app.


While it is generally a highly essential feature, it is a must-have feature to helps users with a premium account avail their benefits. The registration feature is the same as in every mobile app, where users need to sign up with details like their name, email id, phone number, etc.

User Profile:

This feature is mainly concerned with personalizing the preferences of a user. They can choose the type of music they want to hear through various filters like genres, singers, composers, languages, and more.


‘Search’ is a feature that allows users to find a particular song that they are looking for. Users can find the music by searching for its name, singer, composer, or album.


An automated recommendation feature renders suggestions to a user based on what they have been listening to. When users get recommendations, they are increasingly more satisfied with the app.

Social Sharing: 

This feature enables registered users to share a song or album on various social media platforms. This significantly assists in the application’s marketing as users automatically sign in when they like whatever is shared. The social media platforms that a user can share it on our Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Offline Access:

This is a beautiful feature for users as it allows them to stream download songs while streaming and access them without the need for an internet connection. This feature on Spotify is known to be most enjoyed by users. 

Create Playlist:

This feature allows app users to make a playlist of their favorite tracks and stream them in sequence whenever they want. It saves the time and effort of searching for each song, mainly if it belongs to a different album.

Spotify also provides automated playlists that are filtered based on genres, year of release, singer, and album.

Factors That Affect Mobile App Development Costs

The following factors of mobile app development directly affect the costs when building an app like Spotify:

User Interface: 

There are several music streaming apps running in the market now. While some of them are immensely successful, some are struggling to compete. If your music application must be successful, it is important for you to design an attractive User Interface.

It is one of the first aspects of an application that consumers pay attention to. Hiring qualified and experienced designers will help you achieve this rather easily.


Even though the number of Android device users outnumber iOS users, your application must be accessible to every customer. Thus, you will need to work on developing a cross-platform mobile application. Choosing either of the two platforms standalone will not garner productivity for you in any case. Thus, hybrid app development is the most viable option.

Data Storage: 

Data storage is indeed a matter of concern, especially when it comes to quality content. However, a large amount of content goes into a device’s data storage, and users can consider services like Google Cloud or Amazon S3 Bucket to mitigate memory issues. 

Closing Thoughts:

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