How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Upwork?


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Upwork?

Remember the time when a 9 to 5 office job was considered the best way to work. Things have changed very quickly in recent times. The development of the freelance market through websites and applications like Fiverr, Adwork, Upwork, and more.

These applications have completely revolutionized the job market in more ways than one can fathom. It is convenient for employers as they can avail services of a specialist by hiring him or her temporarily. These applications have become the ideal hub for freelancing platforms.

Several noted companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. hire freelancers to get tasks done quickly. Add to that, working as a freelancer is an option chosen by millions of individuals as it gives them a lot more convenience and flexibility.

The Growing Market of Freelancing

To put before you a few statistics, a minimum of 70 million people in the US alone work as freelancers. These statistics justified how rapidly freelancing has grown and how soon it has gained acceptance. Therefore, almost every up-and-coming entrepreneur is exploring this idea.

In this post, we will discuss how you can develop an app like Upwork and get your business going.

Working of Apps Like Upwork

Mobile applications like Upwork help their users pick freelancers for a specific task for which they will be paid. Let us assume an employer posts a job of a certain requirement with a certain payment offer. Interested freelancers can contact the job poster and begin the process.

Payments on an application like Upwork work in a couple of ways. The first one involves a freelancer getting a one-time project at a fixed charge. The second option involves working with an hourly rate.

In this instance, the payment of the freelancer is based on the number of hours he or she works as per the price decided. This system is quite common for projects that take longer to complete.

Top Features to be Included in an App Like Upwork

Crucial features that must be included:

User Profile and Registration

This feature is required for users to have a registration page. It helps companies keep track of their users along with their details. Generally, Upwork consists of two types of users. The first type of user is the freelancer and the other one is the client who gives projects to these freelancers.

This feature is supposed to avail the details of both types of users. While Upwork is a freelance application, several organizations are now registering on it to find freelance employees in a temp capacity. To consolidate these details, another type of user profile must be created.


A portfolio is necessary for freelancers to showcase their previous experiences in the skill they are willing to offer. This feature helps them in depicting their work and allows them to add screenshots of their work, samples of the work in other formats, etc. This can be visible to clients.

Reviews and Ratings

An application like Upwork where several high-profile businesses are now registering requires a reliable system for reviews and ratings. These reviews can play a crucial role in helping clients choose the ideal freelancer for the job for them.

This feature also allows clients to view the number of projects carried out by a freelancer to gauge the level of experience he or she has.


Verification is a prominent feature in almost every mobile application these days especially when there is sensitive information like banking credentials involved. Be

it for a freelancer or clients, the verification of an account is necessary as an element of trust.

Skill Test

This feature allows the client to check and evaluate the skills of a freelancer before hiring him or her in the team. This helps companies decide if the desired individual can help them deliver their requirements.

Job Listing

The primary purpose of this feature is to list all the posted jobs on listings online for the users to bid and get them. Job listings help both employers and freelancers achieve their goals.

Bidding Mechanism

For jobs that are listed on the application, bidding needs to be carried out. Several freelancers give their bids for a project they are willing to do. By bidding a suitable price for the project, freelancers can avail it.

Payment Portal

This is a must-have feature for an app like Upwork. Any payment made to the freelancer by the clients is a feature that needs to come through the app as it runs the payments through secure channels.

Cost to Develop an App Like Upwork

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