How to Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education

How to Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education

How to Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education

How to Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education

How to Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education

It is hard to miss the fact that we are drifting away from the long-established conventional method of teaching and learning. Just to make it clear, there is nothing wrong with it and is still very effective. But modern technology has given us the privilege to explore other options.

While E-learning has progressively turned into a norm for prospective learners of all ages, the inclusion of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality promises a beneficial outlook in education.

We are no strangers to the fact that AR/VR apps were largely limited to the gaming and entertainment industries in their initial phase of popularity. But they have swiftly gained pace and grown into a must-have entity in various business industries.

The influence of AR/VR on education has been so fruitful that progressively institutions are opening to the idea of integrating AR/VR content in their teaching practices. If you are looking to do the same, you have come to the right place.

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Impact of AR/VR in Education

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are emerging as the catalyst for the drastic evolution we are witnessing in the education system. In case you are wondering how AR/VR has been so impactful, let us run you through it.

Increased Engagement

It is hard for some people to engage themselves in theoretical learning and resort to a limited form of imagination. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have brought forth an increased level of engagement among learners.

Advanced e-books coupled with 3D graphics, animations, and detailed explanations play a crucial role in keeping the learners hooked to the subject. Contrary to the traditional method of learning, a different level of convenience is provided to the students here.

As opposed to only reading a textbook, they can get the feel of living in a textbook by using AR/VR/MR glasses consisting of cameras and motion sensors those enhance the user experience.

Amplified Visuals

Visualizing subjects certainly provides a greater sense of understanding to students. This has been proved with staggering statistics from online surveys which seem to suggest that more than 50% of students who used to be average scorers have improved their performance after using AR/VR.

Even if you go by logic, animated and moving pictorial representations attract attention than stagnant textbook content. This is a common development observed in all age groups from toddlers to adults.

For instance, astronomy students can learn about galaxies and constellations with 3D visuals in an immersive environment at ease. They can observe minute details and learn about aspects which are impossible in textbook learning.

The Fun Element

Learning does not seem persuasive when Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are involved. AR/VR tends to add a cohesive fun element to the process as learners can take up self-learning and educate themselves while enjoying it at the same time by merely moving fingers around a screen or attaining control over a simulation.

Users can make effective use of VR/AR/MR headsets and glasses to get a sense of the thrilling experience. Learning has transformed into a fun activity and is turning out to be more productive with AR/VR.

Elimination of Language Barriers

Learning different languages is a major asset to explore a profession on a diverse geographical level. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are bringing the world closer than ever before by eliminating language barriers.

Learning new languages used to be an uphill task and a tedious procedure. Ever notice how people who know many languages hold immense credibility on the career front? You can do the same now without having to go through a long and tedious process.

AR/VR applications make language learning easier than ever with their immersive features. You get a live translation feature with AR which can interpret words and sentences translating them to the language you want to learn to help you get familiar with it.

Another major breakthrough in recent years is the integration of AI with AR/VR which has led to the creation of speech recognition chatbots that can fine-tune your speech skills in different languages.

Wider Scope for Research

AR/VR has opened up several new prospects for exploration in science. Aspiring researchers, scientists, doctors, and engineers are learning about new things every day.

Medical interns who are looking to become surgeons can explore new practices that enable them to perform complex surgeries without hesitation. They can also formulate new compounds that could lead to a medicinal discovery.

Research interns can interact with unknown entities of our galaxy through sessions in simulations with a space-like environment and through 360 virtual tours.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have encouraged learners to indulge in out-of-the-box activities that has increased productivity in education. As a result, we are able to see more upgraded & knowledgeable students in recent times.

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