Importance of Jira Tool in QA Testing

Importance of Jira Tool in QA Testing

Importance of Jira Tool in QA Testing

Importance of Jira Tool in QA Testing

Importance of Jira Tool in QA Testing and Software testing

Several software development companies have started to lean towards agile project management methodology to deliver quality software applications in a quick time. As we know, agile project management needs continuous planning, testing, and integration.

To achieve all this with precision, you need the right tools that specialize in project management. In recent times, most organizations have termed Jira as a reliable and suitable project management tool that can be effectively used for integration in agile Software Testing.

At Sapizon Technologies, our QA team relies on the use of Jira as one of the leading project management tools that can be used in agile testing. Over the years, we have made effective use of Jira in our QA Testing practices.

Software testers use it to track project-level issues, bugs, and defects in agile testing environments. Having implemented successful integration over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading software testing companies in the USA.

The key concepts of the Jira project management tool are issues, projects, and workflow. An issue can be a software defect, a task, or a helpdesk ticket that is tracked with Jira.

A project can be described as a series/collection of these issues whereas workflow refers to the steps taken to address an issue from the time of planning to completion.

Features of Jira that Make it an Essential Tool

Our team of software testers has termed Jira as an essential tool to carry out agile testing efficiently. It consists of certain features that outline its importance from a tester’s point of view. Here are a few of them:

Helps Detect Issues with Ease

Jira has a feature that enables one to treat anything as an issue. This feature allows software testers to create new issues by clicking on a button and tagging the issue with significant indications like a priority, summary, affected versions, fixed versions, etc.

The QA team finds it easy to identify and treat software bugs/defects, issues related to project management, and enhancement requests.

Categorizes and Links Issues

With the Jira tool, testers have the option of linking issues to particular components of the software. When creating a new issue, they can specify the type of issue being created labeling an issue as a bug, updated feature/new feature, or an enhancement.

In agile testing, testers label issues as a story or an epic. A story can be defined as an issue that has to be tracked throughout the project and an epic can be called a collection of stories.

This feature assists the testers to differentiate between issues that appear similar and also track these issues accurately.

Cloning of Original Issues

Software testers have the option of cloning original issues coherently. They can use this feature to their advantage by providing access to multiple users while managing a single issue. These users make changes which are again harbored by the testers seamlessly.

They can achieve this by connecting the original issue to the clone issued. Differentiation between cloned issues and original issues can also be carried out with the Jira tool through various attributes.

Scrum and Kanban Boards

Jira tool allows testers to use both scrum and Kanban boards for agile testing processes. While scrum boards are used to concentrate on incremental portions of work, Kanban boards are used to monitor the workflow and increase output delivery.

Testers can make changes to both scrum and Kanban boards according to the requirement of the project.

APIs and Add-ons

Testers are at liberty to customize Jira through various plug-ins and add-ons. They can also integrate it easily with other development and testing tools used in an agile environment using specific APIs.

These options make the integration of Jira with different tools and frameworks much easier.

Data-driven Decision Making

Jira renders provisions for QA managers to create a portfolio plan for multiple projects. This can be done through agile portfolio management tools that are provided by Jira.

These QA Testing tools are effective in resource management, analyzing multiple scenarios, and also to project a release for the software. QA managers can monitor the status of ongoing projects and pass on the result-related information to the stakeholders.

Report Generation

Jira can be useful for software testers to generate a variety of reports with relevant data. It can be used to create reports that address recently created issues, time is taken to resolve them, user workload, time tracking, etc.

With this agile reporting feature, software testers can seamlessly convey test results to other stakeholders in the project in an efficient manner.

Agile Planning

Jira brings about a systematic approach to your entire process. It keeps the entire team updated about the progress of the concerned project to ensure everyone is aware of what is happening and nobody is missing any points.

Data pertaining to defects, updates, and new requirements are updated regularly marking the success of planning and strategizing.

It widens the scope for improved teamwork which yields better results constantly. With real-time integration, you can cut down on plenty of redundant investments.

With extensive use of the Jira project management tool, we aim to play our part in delivering the best software applications for our clients.

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