Metaverse -The future of Organizations


Metaverse -The future of Organizations

The 2020 Pandemic has paved the way for the growth of new technologies and every activity of our life has got completely dependent on an internet. During the pandemic, most businesses went online, and adapting to this transformation has become very crucial. Today businesses are finding new ways to build brand awareness and to communicate with customers and employees in the most innovative way.

What is a Metaverse?

The Metaverse is not an invention; it is a complete evolution of different technologies under a single roof. It is an evolution of technology like how we communicate and interact online with different avatars from various locations making the internet commonplace. The term Metaverse becomes very popular when Facebook changed its name to “Meta”. It can transform the workplace in different ways like AI-enabled coworkers, team collaboration in a more innovative way, and learning & skill development. This emergence of new technology will completely change the way to business.

Metaverse has different technologies with various use cases. It is far beyond the physical world where people can work, shop, socialize and play games. It also uses various technological platforms that include Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Digital Currency etc.

Metaverse and Digital Currencies

Cryptocurrency will probably be the primary means of exchange in the Metaverse, where it has its independent economy. The two well-known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but as new ones are constantly being released the list of digital currencies is all set to grow more with larger diversity. In another case, these currencies will be essential for trade between the physical and virtual worlds. They are being supported by the dispersed technologies “Blockchain”.

Remote Working

It is also predicted that the meetings will transform into Metaverse meetings. In meetings, an avatar of a human clone will be in a meeting with colleagues. Only 20% of the people worked from home before Covid. During the pandemic, 70% of the people worked from the home and 54% of the people said they would prefer to work from home even after the pandemic is over. Today’s teams are more capable of achieving better results remotely with transparent communication, organizational procedures, and infrastructure.

Metaverse and Business Today

For promotion and brand marketing many major companies are utilizing the Metaverse.  The clothing company Nike created the Nikeland mini-world on Roblox and the bank HSBC bought a virtual plot of land on Sandbox. Today’s organizations have started to work and communicate with their employees and customers daily using the Metaverse framework “ENGAGE”.

Educational clients like Stanford University, Morehouse College, University of Maryland, and New Mexico State University all set up “Metaversites” on the platform to provide remote education to the students. Companies like 3M, HTC, BMW, Abbot, and Fidelity are already using the “ENGAGE” framework for various business needs like company onboarding, daily stand-ups, customer demonstrations, and large-scale events.

Future of Metaverse

According to organizations, there will be more than one real-life coworker avatar among our colleagues in the Metaverse. They will increasingly be joined by a variety of digital coworkers and AI-powered bots that resemble humans. Here the AI agents will serve as advisors and helpers by handling a lot of the labor-related work to free up human workers for more productive tasks.

For employees and organizations, digital human technology brings up a broad world of opportunities. They can be deployed in various locations and are more scalable in that they don’t take coffee breaks. They can also be used for more monotonous, risky, and repetitive tasks in the Metaverse. As technology advances, human workers will have more freedom to personalize and construct their digital coworkers who will work with them.

Remote and hybrid have completely changed the expectations of how people work. The emergent technology Metaverse offers businesses the chance to rebalance hybrid and remote work and reclaim the spontaneity, interaction, and enjoyment of group learning while yet keeping the adaptability, productivity, and convenience of working from home. Large businesses need to move quickly to stay up with Metaverse and virtual services as most of the necessary infrastructure and technology are already in place.

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