security testing services

Security Testing Services

security testing services

Security Testing Services

What are the responsibilities of security testing services?

In times when security breaches and hacking are becoming common, organizations are obligated to ensure they have a reliable security system to protect the critical information and data of their clientele.

Security testing is performed to strengthen the security of a software application by identifying potential security loopholes and confirming it via deliberate breach attempts by the Testing Team.

Software testers collaborate effectively with business analysts and developers to formulate strategies that will enhance the security measures taken to protect the software from hackers and cybercriminals.

If you are a growth-seeking IT organization, you are advised to follow the common consensus and outsource your Software Testing Services. We, at Sapizon Technologies, are here to assist you with that.

By rendering our services across various domains, we have established ourselves as one of the top software testing companies in the USA. Our vigilant strategies coupled with the brilliant skillset and implementation prowess of our Software Testers has enabled us to deliver quality Software Applications.

We emphasize mainly on security along with other key features of Software Applications like functionality, performance, compatibility, and usability. In recent years, we have played an instrumental role in shaping up the business of our clients through our services.

Why is Security Testing Important?

The following points define the importance of a vigilant security system:

  • Evaluates the security of your application with the use of diverse manual techniques.
  • Exposes the design flaws of security in your application.
  • Identifies onus and loopholes in the system very early.
  • Determines how other components of the application might be affecting the application.
  • Avoids exploitation of the system due to the existing susceptibility by maintaining a consistent workflow in functioning.
  • Helps in detecting potential security risks in the system for the developers to fix it through coding.

Implementation of Security Testing

We follow a Security Testing manual to enhance the security measures of software applications. It consists of the following stages:

Vulnerability Scanning

Software Testers scan a software application entirely to identify vulnerability signatures that can pose security concerns to your Application. Automated Software is used to run these scans to quicken the process and achieve accurate results.

Identifying these vulnerabilities early helps in rectify them and implement the necessary changes to strengthen the vulnerable areas.

Security Scanning

Testers can adopt both automated and manual methods to perform system scanning. It involves recognizing the loopholes and weaknesses in the network and the system. If and when they are found, Testers seek resolutions to minimize these risks.

You would not want your network and system to be fragile which invites hackers and cybercriminals to steal important data. Optimal security scanning plays a crucial role in effective security testing and the enhancement of security measures.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is conducted to simulate attacks from hackers and other foreign entities. It involves analyzing a system to check for vulnerabilities that can transcend a pathway for hackers to thrive on and possibly corrupt crucial data.

Penetration tests are a vital cog in security testing and most Software Testing Companies rely on them to determine where an Application stands security-wise.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is an integral part of Security Testing wherein Testers observe the risks that can compromise the security of an Application. These risks are classified as low, medium, and high risks.

The QA Team analyzes these risks by communicating effectively with the developers and business analysts to formulate a solution that reduces these risks.

Security Auditing

Security Audit refers to the internal inspection of the application and its operating system for security flaws. Testers inspect the code line by line in an audit looking for flaws in order to rectify them and enhance security.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is a practice or program implemented by the QA team to check the vigilance of a security system. Here, there are multiple breach attempts on the system with the intent to expose security loopholes in it.

Posture Assessment

This is a combination of security scanning, ethical hacking, and risk assessments to project an overall security posture of a particular Application or an organization.

Effective implementation of each process that improves the security of an organization is the key to safeguard your data. At Sapizon Technologies, we ensure all the security-related aspects are taken care of to deliver secure Software Applications for our clients.

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