The Growth Path of Cloud Services in India

The Growth Path of Cloud Services in India

The Growth Path of Cloud Services in India

The Growth Path of Cloud Services in India

The Growth Path of Cloud Services in India

Amidst a phenomenal surge in the adoption of cloud services on the global level, India has been steadily strolling towards the path of immense growth in this domain. If popular projections are anything to go by, cloud-based organizations are set to witness sensational growth by the end of 2022.

Going by statistics, it has been indicated that cloud migrations have across IT and other business sectors in India have gone up by almost 30%. Industry experts have claimed it to be the highest surge in terms of businesses wanting to move their workloads to the cloud.

On a global level, the market worth for public and private cloud is supposedly valued at USD 213 billion. Although it is merely a shadow when compared to the global IT spending of USD 3.8 trillion, the amount of growth is something that cannot be overlooked.

Coming to India, recent surveys suggest that the cloud computing market here is valued at USD 2.2 billion and is estimated to grow at a rate of 30% every year meaning it can reach more than USD 7 billion by the end of 2022.

Citing this advancement, business enterprises are leaning towards moving their workloads to cloud and managing it seamlessly. Leading cloud service providers in India like Sapizon Technologies have contributed enormously to this expansion.

Sapizon is rendering productive Cloud Infrastructural Services and safeguarding client data on cloud with strong security measures and this has paved the way for greater demand for Cloud Services now more than ever.

Major Benefits of Cloud Services in India

Some of the top benefits of cloud services are:


Cloud services do not require any major expenditure as most of the workload is managed virtually. They incur very little hardware costs. Organizations can make payments as they operate on cloud platforms. Payment is mostly done based on pay as you go.

24/7 Availability

Cloud service providers can earn the trust and reliability of their clients through 24/7 services. It allows them to maintain an uptime of 99.9%. Their workforce can get onto the applications needed from anywhere.

Flexibility in Capacity

Cloud services offer a form of flexibility in capacity. It provides the facility to change the capacity as per business demand. For instance, capacity can be added for the avoidance of losing sales and meeting user traffic. Similarly, it can also be shrunk for the reduction of costs.

Remote Functioning

Cloud services offer a major advantage in terms of where the work can be done from. With an internet connection, remote work can be done from anywhere on the globe. Even if workers are using critical cloud services offering mobile applications, there is no limitation on the device used.

Automated Updates

System maintenance need not be stressed upon as server suppliers in cloud services to do security updates that keep all the workloads of the desired organization secure. These automated updates allow businesses to focus on their core operations.

Enhanced Security

Another major benefit of cloud services is their security. Any sensitive data that is lost due to some issues in the system can be accessed easily because the data is stored in the cloud. Any data can be removed remotely in case a device is lost which enables you to protect it before someone else can access it.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the number of redundant resources in an organization. Cloud services enable businesses to reduce their carbon footprint as businesses utilize only the resources they are in need of and avoid any kind of over-provisioning.

Improved Collaboration

As diverse groups of people meet virtually and exchange information courtesy of shared storage, collaboration is improved effectively. This collaboration is authorized by cloud applications. This notable benefit of cloud services helps improve customer services.

Through regular collaboration, businesses can reduce the time to market significantly.

Control on the Documents

Cloud services have brought about a central storage system where all the workloads of an organization are under control and there are no conundrums concerning data as such.

This is one of the major issues resolved by the cloud as before this, workers needed to send these files as email attachments so that they are being worked on by one single user at a time.

Seamless Management

Cloud services offer seamless and improved IT maintenance facilities that are backed by SLAs, resource administration, and managing infrastructure. They allow users to access a basic user interface without any need for installation. Timely management and delivery of the IT services garner increased uptime.

Closing Thoughts

Businesses in India are looking for performance, cost optimization, and enhanced security to host their workloads. They are also looking for enterprise SLAs 100% around performance. All these requirements of theirs can be met on the public cloud which creates a strong case for improvement in cloud services.

As one of the Best Cloud Service providers in India, Sapizon is streamlining efficient cloud services increasing productivity and uptime at client organizations. Their vision is based on making the major IT hubs of India future-ready by embroiling them in advanced technologies.

For detail on IT infrastructure services rendered by Sapizon, get a free consultation from our experts now.

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