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The Impact of IoT on Web Development in 2022

web app development

The Impact of IoT on Web Development in 2022

The constant rise of modern trends and technologies in the market has essentially changed the business dynamics for several industries. Be it AR/VR, AI, ML, or IoT, every technology has impacted the progress of business in one way or the other.

If a rough estimate is taken into consideration, more than 20 million IoT devices were actively used every year since the end of 2018. Most of these devices are connected to the web and provide a good experience to their users.

As IoT is making an impact on different domains, it is also doing the same for web app development. Many stakeholders and industry experts are already predicting a successful integration of these processes.

How does one gauge the impact IoT has made on the web app development?

Statistics have suggested by the end of 2024, the IoT industry will see more than 25 billion active points spread across several devices.

In this post, we will discuss the impact IoT is expected to make on the web development process in the future.

Impact of IoT on Web Development

IoT has started to make a substantial impact on web development through an underlying web architecture that is more sophisticated when the UIs are created to run according to the functionality and in a more interactive way.

Despite the fact they present information and outcomes from a website service or custom web app, it is very much possible that there is enhanced communication across various web layouts moving forward.

Let us now dive into a few points that explain the prominence of IoT in web development.

High Bar for Entry

IoT devices are known to require specified and detailed knowledge of aspects like coding, programming, data management as opposed to merely knowing standard web app development.

Web designers who hold great expertise in languages like PHP, Java, C, and more will need to enhance their skills and knowledge further. This will be plausible by either getting companies who require IoT experts or improving their skills through sites like Udemy and Skillshare.

Hybrid Teams for Software Development

Remote work and Hybrid work processes have become all the more common these days. Particularly when the pandemic began, the questions and debates around this issue were both time-consuming and resourceful at the same time.

This means both web developers and IoT experts need to work together from anywhere to keep things going and avoid disruption in the flow. It also indicates that most of the processes in the IT domain will also be looking to switch to a hybrid model.

Enhanced Development Cycles

IoT devices majorly tend to rely on interconnected databases for optimized functioning. When web development and web design come into the equation, developers start emphasizing front-end UIs. This means the process becomes a little more enhanced.

While complex development processes are necessary for the adoption of unique project management experiences, they could consume time but it is a necessity for developers to use tools like task allocation, goal definition, and timely check-ins.

Gathering Information Continuously

A long-standing issue in web development has been the lengthy process of obtaining user input on a live website. Even though cookies and search patterns can be used, they offer limited assistance and prompt developers to create their own theories about why functionality is used more.

As IoT-based apps and devices are database-dependent, it is evident that the data flows in both directions. The devices collect all actionable data from the users provided it does break the agreed-upon SLAs.

When developers use this data for future web development projects, it will be a huge asset for them. But the dependency on IoT tech and devices is clear here as it is important for communication and also for the collection of data and device development.

Emphasis on Security

Web development integrated with IoT technology stands out here as it allows developers to bolster security measures and mechanisms in the desired website or application.

Modern IoT devices need to possess access management, user identification, identity verification, and many other standard features so that security is enhanced to the maximum.

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