Outsource Email Support Services

Top 8 Customer Service Email Management Software

Outsource Email Support Services

Top 8 Customer Service Email Management Software

Despite the rising impact of advanced communication methods like live chat and social media, email is still a prominent channel of communication through which customer support is being rendered. There are a fair number of customers who prefer email over other support communication channels.

But how does a business owner ensure that they provide adequate email customer services to their customers? To start with, they will need to choose the right customer service email management software. This includes email integrations, ticketing platforms or proper customer service software.

They enable businesses to organize emails and resolve issues like:

Handling a Large Volume of Requests:

Communication dashboards are often flooded with customer queries and having emails organized helps streamline the workflow efficiently. Usually, this type of software automatically creates support tickets based on customer emails.

Offering Fast Services:

As per research, 45% of customers expect a one-day turnaround to their emails. While responding in just one hour will make around 89% of your customers happy, email management software can help you save time and organize requests more quickly with email templates.

Assigning Requests with an Accurate View of Resolved Issues:

Email management software will help you organize all emails in a single place and ensure that each request is handled by only one agent to avoid confusion. It also conveniently separates the resolved issues from pending ones so that agents give their time to the pending ones.

Top 8 Customer Service Email Management Software:

Here is the list of most recommended customer service email management solution:


Drag is a tool that can turn Gmail into a help desk. It offers a shared inbox where emails from customers are automatically converted into tickets that the support team can work on. Drag is free for your personal use, while it offers a 14-day free trial for business use.

Drag enables support teams to transform their email view into a Kanban view for better workflow management. It is often compared to Trello for this very reason. It is preferred by most support teams as it offers great features and cost-efficiency.


Freshdesk software for email management allows support teams to organize emails in tickets and send them automatically to the right support agents based on content, language, and more. It also provides effective collaboration and tracking features.

With Freshdesk, support organizations can save customer details to their CRM and make the most out of this support platform.


Front is a platform that propels email collaboration and faster response to customers. Email support agents can work on each email, assign the right responder, save and send canned answers when appropriate, and also keep other relevant communications like chat, message in the same place.


Helpmonks email customer service software specializes in offering an effective shared inbox experience for the support. This tool enables support agents to work on emails and leave internal notes to collaborate.

It also allows support teams to assign emails to the right representative, set reminders, label emails, etc. With multiple deployment options, this tool also allows businesses to choose the level of control they have over their data. This means it can work as both a cloud platform and a hosted version.


Widely recommended by email support experts, Hiver is an email management software tool that offers a shared inbox with the ability to support customers via Gmail.

Hiver’s features include timely collision alerts to ensure that only one person works on each request, delegation capabilities, collaboration capabilities, analytics, and more.


Keeping is a customer service tool that integrates exclusively with a Gmail account and allows support teams to communicate with customers more efficiently.

It also helps support agents organize emails under a help desk folder, assign emails directly from the Gmail account or track multiple shared inboxes. It is used by several small and medium-sized businesses because of the cost-efficiency it offers.


Outpost customer service tool is focused on enhancing team collaboration regarding email. With this tool, each agent can see which emails is assigned to whom and make sure customers will get their response.

For instance, your support team can exchange internal notes, see who’s working on what in real-time and build a library of templates. This tool can also automatically assign, archive and respond to emails making it easier.


SpamTitan is an email customer support management tool that possesses a high detection rate of spam or malicious emails. It adds an essential barrier against these types of emails which one would not want to see amidst customer requests.


Customers expect consistent service across all channels these days including email. The most proven way to achieve this is to outsource email support services to established independent support firms.

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