Top Companies exploring Metaverse


Top Companies exploring Metaverse

The innovation of new technologies has brought numerous changes to business and IT organizations and among at top is Metaverse.  It is a new technology where you can explore virtual world and interact with digital avatars. Digital avatars are nothing but a replica of our avatars in the virtual world, which offers numerous opportunities.

The concept of Metaverse became popular when Facebook changed its name to “Meta”. Many of the tech giants have already invested a huge amount in exploring and crate opportunities using the metaverse technology. According to the reports the Metaverse market growth is expected to be $ 5 trillion at the end of 2030. This Metaverse is currently creating the next technological revolution to create numerous opportunities.

Let’s see some of the major companies that are exploring the Metaverse Technology.

1. Meta

Facebook rebranded its name to “Meta” in October 2021. The main goal is to create their Metaverse where people socialize, work, play games, and even do shopping.  The metaverse creates real-time 3D virtual worlds where users can preserve their identity and payment history. They are developing VR headsets to work with extended reality. Meta is also creating a supercomputer with a quintillion-speed to power the Metaverse.

2. Microsoft

They are developing various applications with the Mesh platform.  Microsoft, with Mixed Reality utilizes the HoloLens to combine AR with real-life applications. It is also developing a new AR chipset with Qualcomm, for providing the hardware and software support for Metaverse integration.  It is one of the foremost companies that bring Metaverse concepts to existing applications and solutions such as Microsoft Teams.  The updated AltspaceVR is used by Microsoft for building a much safer place for users and players.


NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform for simulating and connecting to the virtual environments developed by NVIDIA. Digital content designers can gather in the Omniverse to create 3D content in real time. The Omniverse can replicate particles, fluids, materials, prints, and wires while adhering to physical principles. It is more suitable for teaching robots, designing products, and generating Digital
Twins of buildings, factories, and cities with this technology.

NVIDIA’s Omniverse is being used by various Metaverse companies to develop digital assets, avatars, virtual settings, buildings, and much more. Some of the major companies which use Omniverse are Kroger, PepsiCo, Amazon, and many others. These Metaverse enterprises can create immersive experiences for their target consumers using Omniverse.

4. Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that helps users to explore the Metaverse and discover new things. Users in the Decentraland Metaverse can explore LANDs owned by others to see magnificent scenes and constructions. Users can use the easy Builder tool to create settings, artwork, challenges, and more to compete with events in the Decentraland to win prizes. Decentraland provides services such as virtual reality, app development, game creation, cryptocurrency, and 3D art design. Customers can construct and monetize various apps and content by purchasing virtual plots of land utilizing this technology.

5. Roblox

It is an American gaming that mainly focuses on building Metaverse worlds. It has a vast variety of games, such as Meepcity and Bloxburg, that allow players to build virtual homes and execute fundamental survival chores in the virtual world, such as obtaining a job and seeking adventure. The primary goal is to build a social platform where individuals can socialize and provide 3D virtual experiences that are as near to reality as possible.

6. Epic Games

It is one of the leading companies in building the Metaverse. Epic Games has already invested $ 1 million for metaverse development in 2021 and giving the developers the chance to use metaverse and Web 3.0. The Metahuman program by Epic games will allow users to create photorealistic and animated individuals who can play games. In the virtual world, the animated humans will engage in battle.

7. Amazon

Amazon View, an augmented virtual room that shows the basic layout of a house in 3D was recently developed and has the potential to change the eCommerce sector and consumers’ buying experience. This will be a huge step for the company to provide a full-fledged eCommerce Metaverse. Users can visually customize their rooms using the app, which functions more like an extension of the real Metaverse.


Metaverse is still in the early stage and all the tech giants are using the potential of the Metaverse to create numerous opportunities. The Metaverse companies are working hard to create endless opportunities. The future of social media can be closer than we thought.


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