Microsoft 365

Top Microsoft 365 services to rule your Digital Life

Microsoft 365

Top Microsoft 365 services to rule your Digital Life

Nowadays choosing the best office suite that satisfies all your business requirements is not easy. Depending upon the requirements the charges vary for each suite. There is more to Microsoft 365 for business than it appears. The are plenty of business solutions available in Microsoft 365 to assist manage everything with strong security features.

How do Microsoft 365 boost productivity?

Every workplace in the current day uses technology to boost employee productivity, boost work efficiency, and quicken business procedures. Microsoft 365 especially focuses on productivity improvements and reduces repetitive tasks. Cloud-based apps in Microsoft 365 help employees get their work done faster.

The Microsoft 365 services increase productivity and provide a streamlined interface according to the modern workspace. It offers employees the option to work remotely and gives them exclusive benefits in a competitive market.

Below is the list of powerful apps in Microsoft 365 to boost the productivity of a business.

Top Microsoft 365 services every business needs.

1. Microsoft Teams

Teams is a collaborative chat-focused workspace that gathers all the required tools in one location for you and your co-workers to collaborate on projects, and get ideas, across departments, and groups, for conversations. Teams are the front-end to Sharepoint, those who are familiar.

Teams integrate all of Skype’s business features that include chat, video, and audio conferencing. It gives users the option to personalize their file-sharing and app integration experiences. You can easily create a space in Teams where your co-workers can quickly make discussions and locate and manage files both internally and externally.

2. Microsoft Power Apps

They are the collection of apps, services, and data platform that offers a quick development environment for creating unique apps according to the business requirements. Power apps can be used to build both mobile and web applications as well as apps to integrate with services like Teams Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint.

These offer robust business and workflow features to convert manual business processes into automated ones. Power apps enable expert developers to programmatically interact with data and metadata, apply business logic, and link with external data.

3. Microsoft Forms

With Microsoft Forms you can quickly create unique knowledge checks, polls, questionaries, and registrations. You can also invite others to respond to the design of the form using a web browser or mobile device. Built-in analytics can be used to access responses once it is submitted.

Data from forms and results can be easily transferred to Excel for more analysis. Many institutions, companies, and government agencies use Microsoft Forms to collect the data they need and produce real-time reports.

4. Microsoft Planner

The Microsoft 365 Planner is a task management tool that integrates with most of the other collaboration tools to quickly develop and manage projects or other initiatives. Planner is in the middle between simple personal tasks management like Outlook and complex portfolio management.

You need software that offers a variety of task management tools such as Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists, and calendars, which are simple to use and affordable if you want to have a fully complete project management experience.

5. OneDrive

It is a combination of different technologies that offers file sharing, file synchronization across devices and enables co-authoring. You can keep your file in the cloud, where you have access to them from anywhere at any time instead of storing files on local file servers which offers restricted capabilities for file sharing and data protection.

Each user in OneDrive has 1TB of initial file storage space. The user’s files are always private, sharing them with internal and external users is simple and does not require extensive training.

6. Power BI

It is Microsoft’s technology-driven business intelligence tool that analyses and visualizes raw data to provide knowledgeable information. It brings together business analytics, data visualization, and best practices to support an organization’s decision-making data.

Power BI enables you to share insights and visualize data. It transforms data from different sources to create dynamic dashboards and business intelligence reports.

7. Yammer

It is an enterprise social networking solution that enables users from an organization to interact with others both inside and outside the organization, share ideas and collaborate with them.

All Yammer users are recognized by their email addresses and maintain connections inside the network. Improve teamwork, it also provides a variety of tools within the system.

Broaden your Business horizons with Microsoft 365 services

Adding Microsoft 365 tools to your business can help in saving more time and effort. All the data will be protected with Microsoft’s comprehensive set of security features.

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