Top Mobile Apps Built Using React Native Frameworks

Top Mobile Apps Built Using React Native Frameworks

Top Mobile Apps Built Using React Native Frameworks

Top Mobile Apps Built Using React Native Frameworks

Top Mobile Apps Built Using React Native Frameworks

React Native is one of the most popular hybrid app development frameworks. It has huge flexibility in the area of cross-platform app development. Also, it is an open-source framework and is supported by a large community of developers.

The most notable benefit of the app developed using React Native platform is that multiple apps for multiple operating systems can be developed.

The popularity among the developer communities has gained such traction for React Native that even large IT corporations started developing their apps using it.

In view of this, the developers who were leaning more towards the conventional mode started migrating to the React Native. Any developer who is experienced in web technology can easily compile programs on React Native without any issues.

Popular Mobile Applications Developed Using React Native Frameworks:

Applications developed on React Native possess high performance and ensure a high degree of security. Several popular mobile apps are built using React Native framework are:


React Native frame was developed and implemented for the first time by social media giant Facebook. They primarily aimed for their app development processes to be crisp and transparent. Also, they wanted a single team to develop both iOS and Android apps.

For the first time, Facebook implemented React Native while developing their Facebook Ads Manager mobile application for both iOS and Android apps. On a regular basis, they have integrated the development of all their related apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and all on the React Native.

They are known to have witnessed notable changes after implementing React Native apps. The performance of Facebook applications has improved significantly. And it is highly user-friendly compared to the normal native app of Facebook.


Retail giant Walmart has developed its apps leveraging React Native. It has helped them in improving their in-app activities and also elevated the customer satisfaction rate.

This has increased the overall customer engagement rate and generated more in-app sales and revenue comparatively. The platform shift has allowed the company to achieve their goals in lesser time and helped them in enhancing their business operations.


Instagram has integrated React Native into their existing frameworks. It has helped them in adding new features to their apps. These features have been relatively hard to implement on an application using conventional ways. But React Native has made it easy.

The Promote Post feature that is now available on the Instagram app is one of the additions made after the integration of the React Native. High-quality UI and UX were made possible onto the app interface with React Native.


Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms that were developed using the React Native framework. First introduced in 2017, they came up with a high-end mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms in very little time.

Several add-on features were introduced to the app using React Native. As it facilitates codes among different platforms, developers at Pinterest found the development as a more seamless process.


Skype is one of the most popular messaging and calling tools developed by giant Microsoft. Using Skype, users can send unlimited messages, voice, and video calls.

The Android and iOS versions of Skype applications were built using React Native possessing high quality and advanced UI/UX.


The electric vehicle manufacturer giant Tesla has its Android and iOS apps built using React Native. This helps them to not only engage their customers but also assisted them in all adding new features to the app without any issues.


Uber is one of the most widely used taxi aggregator companies that have made use of React Native frameworks to develop a high-end mobile application for its users as well as taxi operator businesses.

The purpose behind the mobile app is to offer its customers hassle-free ways of booking a ride from the application. Uber has found this transition so successful that they are building more features using React Native on their existing apps.

Sound Cloud:

Sound Cloud application recently updated its Sound Cloud Pulse mobile application with the React Native platform. This integration helped them in onboarding several outstanding features in their app thereby attracting customer traction.

Sound Cloud found the hybrid app much productive as it took significantly lesser time to develop and offered a stunning experience to the users.


There are many more mobile apps that are developed using React Native. Many existing applications are also on the verge of migrating to React Native. The most important thing is to team up with experienced developers to build the app.

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