Why Software Maintenance and Support is Important

Why Software Maintenance and Support is Important

Why Software Maintenance and Support is Important

Why Software Maintenance and Support is Important

Software development is not a simple process to go through right from the start of development to its delivery in the market. If you think the concern ends once it is delivered, you are mistaken. One needs to provide effective maintenance and support to software applications post-launch.

This needs to be done to ensure all the work you have put in with several developers, analysts, and testers applying their skills gives you a decent ROI. It also ensures the survival of your business.

The longer your software stays relevant in the market, the more your credibility increases. It opens up bright prospects about your future as an organization. This is one of the reasons organizations need to focus more on maintenance and support services.

It is no secret that most companies prefer outsourcing IT support services because they can avoid redundant investments and also concentrate more on the development part of the product. In this case, we can be the perfect partners for you.

At Sapizon Technologies, we are one of the top IT support companies in the UK. With 24/7 end-to-end support, we have managed to provide uninterrupted services to clients.

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Importance of Maintenance and Support

Here are a few pointers that explain why software maintenance and support is important:

  • Effective maintenance is important to keep your software active and running.
  • A robust support system plays a crucial role in resolving issues.
  • Maintenance and support are necessary for you to enhance the features of your software.
  • Efficient support is essential to build trust with your customers.
  • Maintenance and support are if you are necessary to plan migration.

Types of Software Maintenance

Software maintenance can be provided in different forms with each type playing a different role in support services. Let us enlighten you with the types:

Adaptive Maintenance and Support

Adaptive maintenance plays an integral part when there is a change in the software environment. This could be due to various factors.

These changes are taken care of through adaptive maintenance where all the necessary modifications, service updates, and feature enhancements take place with respect to the changes those are made.

Payment processors are also modified accordingly to maintain consistency in the logs and records. By following the process, we make the system adapt to the changes being implemented.

Perfective Maintenance and Support

Improving the overall system performance and functionality with regular enhancements is the primary purpose of perfective maintenance. Users often feel certain features in your software can be made better or certain features can be added to it.

This is effectively carried out by developers who collaborate with the business analysts and support professionals. They add features that can improve the software and remove features that are redundant to it.

This not only improves the overall performance of your software but also provides your customers with a better experience.

Corrective Maintenance and Support

Corrective maintenance and support enable you to overcome certain defects which might have occurred post-launch. It is a process where the support team identifies these errors before the customers do and resolve them to ensure an uninterrupted experience for the users.

Perfective maintenance and support are crucial in building an element of trust with the users and establishing a good reputation in the market.

Predictive Maintenance and Support

Predictive maintenance and support is the process of preventing your software from getting affected negatively by the changes that are being implemented. In a certain way, this is also concerned with making the system adapt to changes, but this approach is implemented more in the longer term.

It reduces the risk of running the software for a longer time. Focusing on making the software more stable, this approach is used for activities like code optimization, document updating, etc.

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