Outsourcing Complaint Management Services

Outsourcing Complaint Management Services

Outsourcing Complaint Management Services

Complaint Management Services

Resolving customer complaints is an integral part of the Customer Relationship Management process. With 24/7 availability supported by advanced technologies, customers expect to be attended to at all hours of the day. This makes efficient Complaint Management very important.

This can be a challenge for startups and companies with limited resources. An ideal way to overcome this challenge is to outsource Complaint Management Services to a reliable and experienced service provider.

By Outsourcing Complaint Management Services, businesses can ensure the process is implemented cost-effectively. They also secure their customers as they are receiving quality services all the time.

At Sapizon Technologies, we are one of the Best Complaint Management Service providers. We possess the most experienced and skilled Complaint Management experts on board who render customers with quality services. They are well acquainted to work on the latest tools and deliver error-free services.

As a leading Complaint Management Service Providing Company, we render services based on the specific requirements of each customer. Some of our key Complaint Management Services include:

Multi-Channel Complaint Management

We possess the requisite skillset and expertise level to provide clients with Multichannel Complaint Management Services. Hence, we can handle complaints raised by customers coming in from different channels and sources in a highly efficient manner.

The channels used by customers are phone, email, live chat, video chat, screen share, and more. Our support agents respond swiftly and render effective service to their problems.

Smart Complaint Management

Smart Complaint Management is carried out through automation. Our team of support agents leverages the latest tools and software to provide clients with accurate and efficient Complaint Management Services.

This service consists of automated chat systems that can classify complaints and direct them to the concerned individual/team.This reduces time consumption and makes overall complaint handling easier and faster.

Complaint Management Dashboard

A full-fledged complaint management dashboard enables organizations to monitor all the complaints and resolutions seamlessly. We possess the resources and skillset to develop dashboards that can propel easier management of complaints.

This dashboard allows businesses to track what customer complaints are and improve their products accordingly. They can also observe how the resolution to each complaint was found and the time taken to find a solution.

Complaint Reports and Analytics

Error-free reports and analytics allow businesses to enhance their products/services/processes in the long run and promulgate greater efficiency. As the reports provide them with a clear picture, organizations plan their future strategies.

We provide our clients with accurate reports and analysis regarding complaints received from customers. Our vastly skilled team of support professionals is well accustomed to compiling reports swiftly.

Our Offerings in Customer and Technical Support

To outsource Complaint Management Services to us, you need to understand our core services in the IT Support domain. Below are our offerings in tech where Complaint Management Services are also integrated:

SaaS Application Support

We provide comprehensive SaaS solutions to client organizations that are hosting SaaS applications to deliver solutions to their customers. We tend to any issues faced by the end-users and back it with timely mitigation ensuring they enjoy uninterrupted services.

Efficient Complaint Management plays a vital role as our Tech Support Agents resolve each issue on priority.

Web Application Support

With our end-to-end Web Application Support Solution, our clients have been able to serve their customers better by constantly improving their Web Applications. Accurate reports coupled with detailed analytics enable organizations to update their apps as per user-requirements and market trends.

Digital Product Support

Our Digital Product Solutions focus on resolving customer issues that are related to digital products like workstations, IoT devices, VR/AR devices, printers, plotters, etc. Effective Complaint Management enables us to ensure customers are given timely solutions.

VR/AR/MR Solutions

We provide dynamic support  for VR/AR/MR solutions to our clients that involves both hardware and software-related support services. Our agents render support to VR/AR Applications developed by client organizations and also hardware devices like HMDs, VR glasses etc.

Mobile Application Support

Our experienced team of support professionals provides comprehensive mobile app support services. Here, they tend to various issues faced by customers and resolve them. Complaint management services play an integral part as all customer queries need to be efficiently managed.

IT Helpdesk

We have a robust IT Helpdesk system that instantly responds to complaints and monitors customer interactions with support teams. The IT Helpdesk team is a vital cog in the process of creating reports and analysis for both the Support Team and the clientele.

How our Complaint Management Services are the Best for You?

Here are some of the strong points that are compelling enough for you to choose us for Outsourcing Complaint Management Services.

Error-Free Services

All the services delivered by our Support Team are accurate and completely error-free. As a business organization, you can rely on us to help improve your overall progress.

Round The Clock Support

24/7 support is something that is very much needed by every organization these days owing to customer demand. Our support agents are always available to answer queries be it regarding sales, marketing, or Customer Support.

Scalable Services

We possess the required bandwidth and resources to scale up service requirements if and when the client needs it.

Quick Turnaround Time

We are accustomed to delivering quality Support Services to clients in different time zones. This has enabled us to replicate the same in a short turnaround time.


Through extensive monitoring, our Support Team ensures all your data is 100% secure and can be accessed by authorized personnel only.

Considered as one of the Best IT Support Companies on a global level, we render our services in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, India, Dubai, Oman, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

About Us

At Sapizon Technologies, we are one of the Best Outsourcing Complaint Management Service Providers. We are an ideal choice for you because:

  • Our Tech Support Team has a combined experience of 50+ years.
  • We have skilled agents who are completely dedicated.
  • Considered one of the Best IT Support Companies.
  • We operate under a result-driven approach.
  • Maintain operational transparency with our clients.
  • The unparalleled experience of having completed 100+ successful projects.

We use the best industry-recommended Complaint Management Software in 2021 like Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zoho, Instabug, LiveAgent, i-Sight, NABD system, Sales Force, Remedy etc.

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