3D Product Configuration Company

3D Product Configuration Company

3D Product Configuration Company


VR & AR | Client Location: India

Business Challenge

The client wanted to go beyond the ordinary online shopping model by giving the customers an actual look and feel of the product.


We developed an application for the client using three.js technology which makes use of the VR to redefine shoe retail’s “try before you buy” model. We prepared 3D models of all the footwears for the customers to view from every angle and direction before making the purchase. They can assess and select the shape, size, color, texture, and other physical characteristics of the shoe. In the application, customers can first choose type of the shoes, and based on that, they can select the color, texture and rest of the features of the available models.

3D Configurator demo link: https://sapizon.com/shoeconfigurator/


The customers can virtually view and customize the 3D model of the footwear they are planning to purchase, add it to the cart and order.

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