Who needs Virtual Reality Testing?

Being a nascent technology, VR is being adapted in many games to increase a sense of deeper gameplay. That being said, organizations need to sit down with experts in VR app & game testing to understand the scopes and coverage of game testing. VR APP & Game Testing can benefit:

Our Offerings in VR App & Game Testing

We aim to provide a complete solution to test your VR application or game. In our holistic approach towards VR testing as a Virtual Reality QA company, we offer multiple services like:

Testing on real head mounted devices
Compatibility Testing
Hardware Testing
Accessibility Testing
UI Testing
Functional Testing
Immersive Testing (motion sickness, nausea,
dizziness, headache etc…)

VR Testing Platforms

Oculus Go


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Samsung GearVR

Samsung GearVR meaning

Windows Mixed Reality


Google Cardboards

Sapizon’s VR App & Game Testing involves:

Testing User Interaction within the VR interface.
Executing different flows while moving across spaces inside the app.
Testing the interface for what it is NOT supposed to do.
Checking functionality performance to isolate the user from the real world.
360-degree view and User Sensation Testing in specific environments during gameplay.

Why choose Sapizon for VR App & Game Testing?

As a leading VR testing company, Sapizon provides valuable insights to boost overall VR experience while conducting rigorous tests within VR communities to make your VR experience stand out from the crowd. Here’s how working with us will help you:

Our Work Process for efficient VR App & Game Testing

We adhere to a tried and tested work process when scaling your VR app or game. Combining your valuable insights and our skill in VR testing, we follow the steps to enhance the overall testing process while maintaining an organized and flexible workflow. They are:

Resource Mapping and Requirement Analysis of relevant VR hardware
Development of Test Plan based on the requirements
Configuring test environment with headsets and other accessories
Implementing test models while ensuring the health and other safety concerns
Test Scenario & Test Cases development
Execution of Test Cases
Detailed Bug-reporting
Detail Report of Pass/Fail Tests

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.