Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Challenges solved by Automated Testing

Right before jumping into Test Automation, you need to analyse whether it’s the best fit for you and what improvements it offers. While Automated Testing is not suitable for every development process, it is best fit for:

Organizations with a software applications focusing on Regression Methods for re-testing existing functionalities on updated versions of the application.
Enterprises relying on Smoke Testing by improving speed to tests to help get quick analysis on on build quality and focusing on other deep tests.
Testing environments comprising of static and redundant tests by improving speed and accuracy by removing scope for human error while cutting down on overall operational costs.
Businesses currently working on Data Driven Testing with redundant testing using large amounts of data to make the process independent and cut down on manpower.
Companies processing multiple Server/Cloud Architecture with to provide an effective management of load balancing for scaling efficiency.

Our Offerings in Test Automation

We provide end-to-end solutions for Quality Automated Testing right from designing automated regression sets to executing new test cases with optimized test scripts for achieving greater results. We offer various Automated Testing Services such as:

Test Automation Service for Web & Mobile

Test Automation Services for web & mobile Application

Transcending your manual testing approach and exploring new possibilities through comprehensive Test Automation.

Strategy Development for Test Automation

Strategy Development for Test Automation

As part of our holistic approach to Testing, we devise a detailed strategy by defining key points such as:

Transcending your manual testing approach and exploring new possibilities through comprehensive Test Automation.

01. Scope of Automation.

02. Designing an architecture based on levels of testings and required tools to maximize ROI.

03. Create a working plan of detailed functionalities like data preparation, test design, development and maintenance to seamlessly integrate automated testing through a CI/CD Pipeline.

Automated UI Testing Services

Automated UI Testing Services

01. Developing a secure and stable testing architecture by planning and designing new test cases, creating and maintaining test scripts while keeping the product changes in our focal point.

02. Using industry leading toolset, designing an architecture to ensure better code reusability and allowing automated Quality Assurance of new features through highly flexible test regression sets.

Automated Quality Assurance of Custom API

Automated Quality Assurance of Custom APIs

Custom APIs are built for the sole purpose of enhancing your organizational efficiency. We understand that and maintain high levels of productivity by using Test Automation tools like JMeter or Postman to carefully design, develop and maintain test scripts exclusive to API based testing.

Performance Driven Automated Testing

Performance Driven Automated Testing

Analysing your current architecture and observing crucial junctures in the software application to design and develop relevant test cases while maintaining the performance of every business function by effective load balancing and Stress Testing of networks and databases to minimize server downtime.

Automated Testing Tools We Use

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Advantages of choosing Test Automation

Our Work Process for Quality Analysis

Depending on client requirements and other factors, we devise a seamless workflow to better serve your requirements. Our approach to Automated Testing majorly consists of a Keyword-Driven Approach while we also work on Exploratory Automated Testing. Here is the various steps we follow:

Requirement Analysis and Resource Mapping
Identify the modules/functionalities to be automated
Planning an architecture best fit for your test Automation
Selection of Automated Testing tool and other APIs
Implementation of CI Tool
Launching & execution of Automated Tests
Test Script Development for Automated tests
Detail Report of Pass & Fail Test Cases
Integration and Maintenance of tests on a regular basis as per code or functionality changes
Report Bugs or Defects

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.