Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Who needs Usability Testing?

Usability Testing confers the evaluation of a software product or service by monitoring designated real-time users. Usability testing services can help decision-makers to act on crucial factors affecting overall User Experience within a software application. It can benefit:

What do we do in Usability Testing?

With ample experience as a usability testing agency, we offer versatile services to completely transform your application. We mainly concentrates on following parameters of a system but not limited to:

Gain insights from users
No outdated or incorrect data
Application flow
User friendliness
Application add values to the target or not?
Application meets with user expectations?
Uniformity throughout the application
Get user reaction & feedback

Sapizon’s Comprehensive Usability Testing

At Sapizon, we conduct usability tests on real-time users while keeping factors like demographics, age, gender, organizational goals in mind. This is done by:

Conducting a First Click Test to ensure simplified UX at an entry point.
Target Audience Based Design surveys to eliminate hindrances.
5 Second Test to analyse what your end-user feels for the first 5 seconds in your application.
Executing Preferential Tests to measure user affinity and re-evaluating your branding and marketing copy.
Average Rating for Application Usability with detailed reports on the post-task response from designated users.

Why Sapizon for Usability Testing ?

Equipped with modern Labs for comprehensive testing and veteran Usability Testers, Sapizon has provided robust Usability Solutions for multiple organizations across the globe. Opting for Sapizon from a plethora of usability testing companies will benefit you because:

team (4)
24/7 team support for extensive analysis.
20+ Years of combined experience in SQA business.
50000+ hours of enhanced Usability Testing Experience.
Comprehensive solutions for testing.
Driven by transparency, flexibility and productivity.

Our Work Process for efficient Usability Testing

Our work process for Usability Testing has been curated after careful examination of the testing processes carried out for our clients. We take inputs from your end and leverage it to enhance the overall Usability testing Process by:

Goal of usability testing is determined
Setting up measurable standards of success
Recruiting desired number of testers matching demographic, age and professional profiles
Usability tests have been executed
Data evaluation from above-conducted tests for a neutral outcome
Finding & recommendations of the usability test is shared with all concerned stakeholders

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.