AI Integration With VR

AI Integration With VR

AI Integration With VR


VR | Client Location: USA

Business Challenge

The client wanted to reduce the cost of customer chat support and provide flawless service at any point of time by reducing human dependencies.


The client was using CRM and ERP products where the customers can chat with the support executives online. There were two major issues in this system, cost of the resources and the dependency of business entirely on the skills of the customer service executives. To overcome this problem, we designed a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for them, with different departments/rooms for different problem areas.

We designed an interactive Avatar, with AW Sumerian tools, that will answer all the questions with detailed information to the clients. The client will initially be in the welcome room as soon as they start chatting with the Avatar, where they will get all the necessary information about the company. After that, based on their needs, the client would either be redirected to the “Customers” or the “Consultants” department, where they could get the answers they are looking for.


We designed an interactive chatbot based on AI, with a very dynamic and user friendly UI, to cut back on costs as well as increase the efficiency.

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