6 Popular Progressive Web Application Frameworks in 2021

6 Popular Progressive Web Application Frameworks in 2021

6 Popular Progressive Web Application Frameworks in 2021

6 Popular Progressive Web Application Frameworks in 2021

6 Popular Progressive Web Application Frameworks in 2021

The top web developers believe a user finds Progressive Web Apps more convenient because they are always available and operational through web. In simple words, these types of web apps work as websites only.

But what do we know about Progressive Web Apps? They are developed using technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. They possess a progressive codebase that works in various types of devices and browsers. PWAs are in demand because of the seamless browsing experience they provide.

To develop highly effective and operational web apps, you will require skilled web app developers who are accustomed to creating websites with the best frameworks.

As one of the best web application development companies, we have listed the best web app frameworks trending in 2021. Let us run you through it:


ReactJS is considered the foundation for React Native. This makes the framework very appealing as it can easily port apps that are built with React to the React Native apps.

Ever since it was released in 2013, this framework has had a component-centered approach towards development. It is very popular among developers because of the resourceful JavaScript library it possesses.

Every component of the ReactJS framework is built by using JavaScript and can be easily reused. Some significant advantages of ReactJS are:


  • Developers do not need to learn a new language if they know JavaScript because each component of ReactJS is built using JavaScript.
  • ReactJS enabled web app framework is highly flexible. It is also highly scalable along with additional packages.
  • The same codes can be deployed for Native Apps.
  • Virtual DOM can speed up the rendering process.
  • This framework uses varied JavaScript libraries that allow the generation of API, server-side static rendered pages, and routing.

Angular JS:

Built by Google in the year 2010, Angular JS is a powerful framework for building engaging web apps. The framework can build some large-scale, high-performance applications for the web which are easy to maintain. AngularJS uses JavaScript to build solid, reliable PWAs.

In the year 2017, Angular 5, which was the first-ever version that supported PWAs was launched. This framework helps developers to build a web apps from the scratch.

Angular8, the latest version of this framework, differs from the earlier versions that demanded high expertise to work on. This version has two exclusive CLI commands that simplify the process of installing a web app onto a mobile device.


An open-source SDK, IONIC is a framework that could be used by anyone knowing Angular and other web technologies. It is a popular PWA development framework as it possesses a huge pool of libraries that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

With the help of WebView, IONIC is often used for building pages that are running inside a device browser. It is largely utilized by SMEs and startups due to its low-cost development factors and easier maintenance.

Built-in browser instruments, debugging tools make this framework easy to maintain. IONIC can easily access APIs without any requirement of coding as it has a large library of plugins.


Leading web designers vouch for VueJS as a framework that is easy to start with. It is widely adopted by the community of developers. It is an open-source, front-end JavaScript framework distributed under an MIT license.

Starters can easily learn this as it involves simple coding. Other simple features like its ability for high-speed rendering, routing, assistance to streamline the development process on the part of developers can be considered a bonus.


SVELTE is also a component-based framework just like VueJS though written differently in the fundamentals and holds its position as a Reactive Framework in the market.

Similar to VueJS, this framework is also distributed in the market under the MIT license. Some of the leading web app development companies in India have adopted this framework for obvious reasons.

Using a leaner code, SVELTE helps in the fast loading of pages, syntactic analysis, and execution parts. Being a versatile framework, it plays an important role in the CSS progressive web app frameworks.

PWA Builder:

Founded by Microsoft, PWA Builder is an open-source framework that is a great way to develop components for web apps across various devices and platforms.

A large community of web designers vouches for this framework which supports both Android and iOS devices. Without much effort, the PWA builder can convert a website into a powerful PWA.


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