Email Support Outsourcing: Do You Still Need It?

Email Support Outsourcing: Do You Still Need It?

Email Support Outsourcing: Do You Still Need It?

Email Support Outsourcing: Do You Still Need It?

Email support services have been a prominent part of customer support ever since the concept of support services began. It is no secret that business owners prefer email support outsourcing. And the reason for this is quite simple.

With a managed outsourcing service provider taking care of email customer services, sending out newsletters, and promos to your target customers, business owners can focus extensively on their core deliverables.

If you are one of these business owners, you can also relax knowing that your customers will be looked after in the best way possible. However, recent trends have brought about a change in the way and many companies seem to be rethinking this strategy, especially with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.

The success of modern technologies in the support domain has echoed a feeling of similar sentiment among different businesses. Do we still need email support outsourcing when we have automated and live chat?

In the current era, almost every business website that we see consists of little boxes where this avatar pops up and starts responding to the customer query in a live chat.

This implementation has saved companies plenty of time and money when it comes to business efficiency, and overhead costs. You cannot help but think: will email support outsourcing just fade away with time? In this post, we explain why email support is still a prominent part of the support domain.

Email Support and Empathy:

While live chat and AI-integrated chat have been a promising collaboration prospect, the jury is still out when it comes to smart automation taking over email support outsourcing. The programming and technology may soon become available but deployment of this might take some time.

What is evident though is that email support services have been automated when it comes to their punctual and regular release. But a machine answering email queries as chatbots do to reply to live chat inquiries is still something industry experts are studying and contemplating the thought of.

One thing that we need to understand is that email support outsourcing goes beyond customer service email. It means that a human being who can feel and empathize with the customer’s queries can combine the right words and infuse the right tone into an email that will connect with a customer.

In any case, the fundamentals of customer support do require the support team to display some degree of empathy so that the customers feel valued. The objective here is quite simple. Whenever a customer query is answered, the reply should sound human when the customer reads it.

Rattling off researched content from the internet and sending it to the customer is something that can be done via automation. But it is unlikely to hold the business or the support team in good stead with the customers as they might feel offended.

Establishing Trust in Email Support Outsourcing:

What makes email support outsourcing a strong force is that it instills trust between the company and the customer. It further strengthens the relationship already established by making the customer feel that the company cares and will attend to concerns.

This is precisely the reason why email support outsourcing is carried out by individual email writers who take time to understand the complaint, sail through the sentimental layers behind it, and then craft the reply with the appropriate tone coupled with an emotional element.

If we remind to time before the coming of the internet, there were no emails, newsletters or online communication of any kind. If a customer complained by postal mail, then the company sends a postal mail back.

The answers would mostly be generic like an apology to the customer for the inefficiency and an assurance that the company will take care of the problem. It was a custom-made one-answer-fits-all reply. All that the customer got was that the company would look into his concern.

But knowing that a universal template was used could make customers skeptical of the actual motivation of the company.

Outsource Email Support Services To The Right Partner:

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