Augmented reality

Employing Augmented Reality in increasing Workplace Safety

Augmented reality

Employing Augmented Reality in increasing Workplace Safety

Workplaces such as manufacturing units are comprised of equipment, heavy machinery, and moving vehicles which is very hazardous place to work. Hence, safety comes as the priority, and many manufacturing units follow strict safety regulations but still mistakes happen. New-generation technologies consist of strong and safety-oriented approaches to build a safer workplace.

Augmented Reality in improving workplace safety

The development of AR solutions has shown significant benefits in improving workplace safety. A wide range of industries is utilizing AR’s potential to strengthen organizational resilience by encouraging safer working conditions.

AR technology is already used in simulating a variety of processes and supporting safety training and inspections.

Some of the AR approaches to increase worker safety

AR has shown effective benefits in reducing the learning curves for new employees in manufacturing units. The employees who get trained with AR are likely to make fewer mistakes.

1. Visualizing

Workplace facilities are frequently depicted on 2D maps displayed in public and important areas as a part of emergency exit plans. Identifying mistakes on time can be difficult.

The floor plan produced by AR can be combined with conventional inspection forms. Users can wear AR device or other industry items that are compatible with AR technology, or they can use a smartphone to follow a predetermined itinerary.

Outdoor areas are mapped using GPS coordinates, such as longitude and latitude, in Google Maps. However, to visualize and move a third coordinate is necessary for vertical constructions. Here the AR creates a visual or computer-generated model in the real world and simulates outdoor GPS mapping indoor.

2. Training and Validation

Regular workplace health and safety inspections are to be carried out regularly to reduce accidents. AR can be used to enhance relevant documents like user manuals or product maintenance videos and photographs to help an employee participate to stop a health and safety accident from happening.

Safety considerations must be addressed in traditional written manuals but doing that requires time and can be challenging without the visual context provided by AR. Using real-world objects and circumstances as examples in digital job instructions can help workers visualize how tasks will look when performing them.

3. Reporting and Tracking

Engineers can utilize AR to examine any technical issues found during the inspection by combining them with management systems and ticketing software apps.

Employees can get operational information by using AR devices. This will help the organization to make sure that the employees are prepared to handle all tasks, boosting production and efficiency.

4. 3D work instructions

When working on various types of equipment, the technicians, assemblers, and operators must be aware of the dangers. Giving workers a better understanding of the components, they are working on such as 3D work guidelines can assist employees in avoiding a malfunction altogether.

An employee’s range of vision can be covered with 3D job instructions using AR. This creates a more realistic image of a component and helps a worker better understand the task.

Benefits of workplace safety training with AR

  • With AR the employees can practice new abilities with less danger. Employees learning by performing in stressful real-time scenarios will help them in memorizing the important procedures to stay safe.
  • Workplace safety training with AR is cost-effective as it reduces the need for physical equipment and the cost of on-site trainers. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with a large workforce, as it can be difficult and expensive to provide individualized safety training to all employees.
  • Workplace safety training with AR can be completed in a shorter period when compared to traditional safety training methods. This is because AR training is available on-demand, allowing employees to complete the training at their own pace and in their own time.

Bottom line of AR in workplace safety

Many organizations are investing in AR to make the workplace safer for employees. It is also the best investment to increase the ROI. AR in workplace safety will minimize hazards, boost worker safety, lowering additional costs, and enable greater productivity.

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