Healthcare Software Testing Services

Healthcare Software Testing Services

Healthcare Software Testing Services

Healthcare Software Testing Services

Healthcare Software Testing Services

Software Testing in Healthcare is very much necessary in the current era because healthcare is a critical element in general life. To ease up the amount of pressure on a healthcare worker, various types of technologies and software were introduced in the industry.

We already know that EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is efficiently used by doctors and healthcare professionals to track the health metrics and information of their patients. It has been an instrumental way of maintaining patient data and keeping track of their health.

Another increasingly common use of technology is home healthcare. Here, doctors can directly connect with their patients through an application and prescribe the required treatment based on their condition.

Since this is a matter of health, testing all these software applications becomes extremely crucial. This is where we, Sapizon Technologies will help you. We are one of the best software testing companies you can find.

With highly experienced software testers at our helm, we implement vigilant software testing strategies to ensure we help you deliver a quality healthcare application.

We focus our testing strategies on the below-mentioned areas to ensure your healthcare app market ready:

Functional Testing

Functionality is an important feature of any software product. Especially in healthcare, you must ensure your application is meeting the functional requirements and performing as expected.

Suppose you are creating an EMR application for a hospital, it is very important for your app to be functional all the time to provide efficient service. Hence, functional testing is a very critical part of testing a healthcare app.

Our software testers implement robust testing strategies to ensure every call to action is working. We perform regression tests and load tests to ensure your application is constantly functioning at an optimal level.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is pivotal when it concerns healthcare applications. If users are finding it difficult to operate in your application and seek the services they are looking for, they deem it no good. Usability comes into the equation in more than one scenario.

For instance, if you are listing healthcare products on your application, you need to ensure the buyer/patient can understand what the product is about and how it can be useful to them.

Similarly, if you are a doctor who treats people online, you need to ensure your application is user-friendly and your patients can approach you easily.

With a bunch of representative users, our QA team conducts tests to ensure your application is meeting excellent usability criteria.

Security Testing

Patient data and records are strictly privileged information that should be protected at any cost to adhere to compliance like HIPAA. In healthcare, it is vital that you maintain privacy about the medical history of all your patients.

When you are maintaining these records on a server through an application, you must ensure all the security protocols are in place. Apart from these, healthcare organizations have their own data related to drugs, prescriptions, staff, etc which must also be protected.

We develop enhanced and customized testing strategies to ensure vigilant security of your healthcare application and server. By running mock penetration tests, we also establish a protocol to be followed to protect important data in case of a breach.

Integration Testing

In the healthcare sector, several entities require integration for a smooth workflow system. Some of these entities are insurance policyholders, brokers, insurers, patients, doctors, and hospitals.

Interaction with multiple entities that demand different kinds of functions can disrupt the workflow of an organization significantly.

Therefore, we conduct integration tests to ensure the overall functionality and performance of web application is smooth in accordance with the factors that require integration.

Automation Testing

In healthcare applications that are more related to HIPPA compliance, audit, and insurance activities, there are certain vigorous tests that need to be recorded and repeated. With automation testing, we ensure all the aspects of your application are tested for defects thoroughly and in minimal time.

Automation tests can accelerate the testing process significantly and avoid repetitive tasks. Our software testers aim to help you develop your application in the correct way and with minimal time consumption. With automation testing, you can also achieve accurate results.

When it is a matter of health, having a quality software application is not enough. It is important that your application works in a user-friendly way and meets all the user requirements. This outlines the importance of software testing services in healthcare.

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