How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App Like Instagram?

How much does it cost to develop an app like instagram

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App Like Instagram?

How much does it cost to develop an app like instagram

The introduction of mobile applications has definitely changed the way things are perceived. Leveraged by technology, mobile applications have seen industry practices that are redefining the traditional methods of conducting business and have brought about a shift in the ecosystem.

Mobile applications have allowed end-users to seamlessly accomplish their day-to-day tasks. It has opened the doors of wide opportunities for businesses and eliminated the hassles they had encountered previously. It also explains the increasing number of mobile apps we see being added to the app store every day.

And there are plenty of mobile applications being developed across various domains be it e-commerce, finance, food delivery, transport, etc. But the most popular category of mobile applications these days is social media. Every mobile device user has at least one social media application on his/her device.

The picture-sharing application Instagram is widely popular among the masses these days. Are you looking to develop a social media application similar to Instagram cost-effectively? In that case, you are in the right place.

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Here are some of the features required for a mobile app like Instagram:

Sign Up/Sign In:

For any social media application, users need to have an account registered on their mobile application to get started. Most users usually register through their phone number or Gmail ID to create a verified account.

Once they are registered on the application server, they can log in to the application whenever they want with the username/email ID/phone number and the password.

Personal Profile/Business Profile:

On social media apps like Instagram, one individual can have both personal as well as a business profile. However, they are needed to provide several mandatory details to complete the profile setup.

These details include profile name, profile picture, user’s birthday, his/her interests, etc. A feature that provides options for creating both types of profiles is a must for a social media application.

Search Bar:

A search bar in a social media application enables users to connect with people with similar interests and people they might know. To get connected with their friends and family, they can send a connection request which the other person will have to accept.

The search bar allows them to look for the person/people a particular user is looking to get connected with on the platform.

Add Photos/Videos:

The millennial generation stays in touch with their close ones by sharing the things happening in their lives by posting pictures and videos on social media. Thus, every social media mobile must have a feature that allows users to post pictures and videos.

As per the current trend, users can also tag the person in the picture and geo-tag the location of where a particular picture has been clicked. All these features allow users to form a social media presence as per their preference.

Messaging Feature:

Even since social media came into the fray, conventional text messaging has taken a backseat. Most of the users these days prefer interacting with their friends, family, and connections through in-app messaging. This feature is available on every social media mobile app.

Apart from instant messages and replies, the in-app messaging feature allows users to express their emotions via emoticons, GIFs, stickers, etc.

App Stories:

Story is a feature that was introduced by Instagram to enhance user experience. And it was very well received by users of the popular social media platform. Thus, any app developer looking to replicate a social media app like Instagram needs to include this feature or something better than this.

Unlike a regular feed that is part of a profile until the user removes it, a story is designed to automatically disappear after 24 hours. Here again, users have the option to remove it before 24 hours are completed.


The sharp surge in demand for mobile applications like Instagram among users has prompted entrepreneurs to think about developing a similar mobile application and launching it in the market. One of the major factors businesses take into consideration is the cost.

Various factors affect mobile app development costs. Considering the competition in the social media domain, it can be challenging to develop an application and then host it with top security and maintenance provisions.

In many ways, the company one partners up with for mobile app development can go a long way in determining the costs. As one of the best mobile application development companies, we are providing cost-efficient services to our clients.

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