How to improve customer support continuously

How to improve customer support continuously?

How to improve customer support continuously

How to improve customer support continuously?

How to improve customer support continuously?

After a customer buys your product, it is expected that he will try to reach you for support very soon. Customer support is extremely important in determining your customer retention rate and how many new customers you get. This is an opportunity for you to ensure you can achieve both. Along with this, you can ensure you are providing high-quality support to the customer.

We, at Sapizon Technologies, are providing high-quality support services to our clients worldwide. We focus to keep on improving our support services framework based on clients’ feedback and suggestions.

This involves a few key steps which we have elaborated below.

Know your customer

You might have several customers who buy your products and the majority of them will seek your assistance now and then. The issues you resolve have will vary with each customer.

This is where you can divide the queries you get into segments and categorize them. You can analyze the issues the customer is facing and improve your product or application accordingly.

A few things you need to focus on to know your customer well are:
  • How long have they been your customers?
  • How often they bought from you and what products?
  • How often are they seeking assistance?
  • What issues have they previously needed support for?

This helps in finding the best solutions in less time. It also enables a smooth interaction with the customer.

Identifying the problems

This is a quality most customer support systems lack. When a customer contacts you for assistance frequently, it means his issue is recurring. This is where you can take initiative and identify the root of the issue.

It can help you set-up certain self-service contents with which the customer can solve basic problems by himself. It makes you a better service provider and improves client satisfaction.

Maintaining a balance between customer resolution and customer effort

The key aspect of the resolution is to ensure customer satisfaction. At the end of it, if the customer is happy, you have done your job. The whole process of resolution could be longer in certain cases.

Most customers do not like to be kept waiting. It is one thing if they are aware of the issue. In most cases, they are unaware. Hence, you need to ensure you are not making the customer wait unnecessarily for an issue to be resolved.

The number of attempts you take to resolve an issue, the more time it consumes, and the more cost it incurs. It also results in tedious customer effort as he has to contact you repeatedly hence the balance of this can be maintained in two ways:

First contact resolution: 

When you resolve an issue for the first time, you need to know you have solved it. If the issue is perfectly resolved for the first time, you can gather the data from those first contact resolutions and analyze them to form a tracking mechanism. This can help you resolve customer issues on the first contact resulting in improved customer service.

Issue resolution:

The time you take for resolving an issue can be a major factor in customer retention. If you want your customers to be loyal, you need to give them a reason. Suppose there is a delay in resolving an issue, make sure you are interacting with the customer well enough.

Take regular insights from him and give him insights on why there was a delay in issue resolution that makes him feel involved. This could go a long way in helping you retain the customer.

Build and establish brand loyalty

The number of new customers you get determines the growth rate of your business. And if those new customers are coming through the recommendation of your existing customers, it means you are building brand loyalty.

Listening to customers and their queries help you improve your services and get decent feedback. Good feedbacks from customers help in building a brand image. And it results in a significant upscale of business and an increase in the number of customers.

Having a customer support system that ensures high-quality resolutions in less time is the hour of the need for every business.

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