Importance of Regression Testing-featured image

Importance of Regression Testing

Importance of Regression Testing-featured image

Importance of Regression Testing

Importance of Regression Testing

Testing is invincible in terms of any software. 

Quality becomes indispensable when you consider growth in the Tech world. As with the mounting requirements, the need for testing is also on the rise. Most of the companies prefer quick updates and renovations to the existing system, which needs to be rightly available to their customers. In such a short span of time, quality comes to a stake. This is where Regression testing comes into the picture. In the agility of software development lifecycle, regression testing plays the role of the saviour, with continuous testing provided which will ensure the fast running business to perform well.

Most businesses need to equip their customers with fast and secure business platforms for interactions as well as to bring in business. In order to deliver high quality, testing is vital to ensure the performance is not hampered. With any integration that follows the software, with regression testing, multiples tests are conducted, and retests are done to ensure that the functionality implemented does not affect the complete system after each release of the new build. 

Importance of Regression Testing

Regression Testing is found to be required when certain situations arrive:

  1.   Based on new requirements, when modifications are made to the system.
  2.   Addition of new features in the system
  3.   Finding and fixing critical defects.
  4.   Finding and fixing any performance related bugs. 


Regression testing can be categorized as 

Corrective Regression testing which is conducted, when there are no changes to the code, but the tests can be reused without the modifications. 

Progressive Regression Testing comes into the picture when the code changes happen, and the new test cases need to be done or modification to the existing one.

Retest all Strategy is done to test the entire application, to confirm that there are no spillways or break in the flow of the application.

Selective Strategy is done with some selected modules which are to be tested when changes are made to the code, to ensure that the system runs perfectly.

Regression Testing benefits the businesses that have requirements which keep changing. In such cases where the changes in code can break or modify the performances of the complete system, regression saves the time. Any kind of adverse effects can be found out using Regression testing and improves the overall productivity and product quality. 

Recent technology upgradations have frequent kind of software to perform even automated regression testing like Selenium, LeanFT, Serenity etc. With automation of regression testing, it is easier to detect the unintended impediments caused by enhancements in the code. 

In a way, with the application of regression testing, one can build a software that befit the requirements and a stable one.

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