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Mobile Security Testing for a Large Personal Identity Management Platform

mobile apps testing

Mobile Security Testing for a Large Personal Identity Management Platform

When a certain technology is integrated into your business, it brings with it certain security risks that need to be taken care of at the earliest. This involves securing components like inter-app communication, storage, APIs, and network communications.

If these crucial components are not protected or secured, your system is exposed to vulnerabilities, and it could potentially affect your overall business. When the case in the subject is a personal identity management platform, security becomes imperative.

How to Mitigate the Challenges Associated with Mobile Security?

This poses a rather big problem for business organizations and it involves adopting mobile technologies securely while managing the risks attached. The only solution to this problem is vigorous security testing.

At Sapizon Technologies, we deliver quality solutions to our clients with our mobile security testing services. When handling security for a large personal identity platform, our QA team focuses on identifying certain findings around privacy and security concerns.

We mainly focus on eliminating any loopholes left behind for hackers to exploit. Because it could lead to the creation of falsified or forged identities. Impersonation has become a major cause of worry in most parts of the world and contributes to more than 60% of the global crime rate hence, this process is increasingly prioritized by businesses.

How to Carry Out Mobile Security Testing?

Here is how our QA team goes about resolving mobile security issues for our clients:

Forming a Project Scope:

Mobile security projects involve a broad assessment as it requires testing on both Android and iOS mobile apps. The project is aimed at covering areas like DAST & SAST.

It also includes performing vulnerability assessment mapping with OWASP and Cert-IN Standards coupled with Malware and Spam Analysis.

Identifying the Challenges:

With the above-mentioned project scope, there are various challenges involved in the process.

  • Firstly, it poses a requirement for a common platform so that individuals can access and manage details through a secure channel.
  • The second challenge is to enhance data security and privacy features because it involves personal identity management.
  • Protecting the app from unauthorized access, securing proprietary data, and prevention of tampering.
  • Complete assessment of Android and iOS mobile security in a minimal time.

Procuring Appropriate Solutions:

Our team plans a solution involving the implementation of OWASP & CERT-IN-based test frameworks for ASVS level 3. They carry out tests that pass on the input data to web services, activities, content providers, login screens, web front ends, social forms, etc. to discover all potential attacks.

Our mobile security QA professionals analyze the binary and identify business-oriented vulnerabilities. Following this, there is a code review carried out for both Android and iOS apps.

The testers further perform vulnerability assessment and penetration testing using a combination of open-source tools and also through manual penetration.

How Mobile Security Testing Benefits Your Business?

Here are a few benefits your business gets through Mobile Security Testing:

Your application will see an increase in the percentage of secure installations and your product sales will go up.

  • Enhances your brand image and brings you more acquisitions.
  • Helps you build trust with the client as you protect his or her data.
  • Enables you to establish a secure system where identities are federated and fully encrypted.

What are the Tools Used for Mobile Security Testing?

Here are a few tools and technologies that are used for large-scale mobile security testing of an app:


  • Drozer
  • Genymotion
  • ·Burp Suite
  • Android Tamer
  • iNalyzer
  • Cydia
  • Snoop-it
  • Xcode


  • Android Native Code
  • Java
  • PHP Restful Web Services

Important Pointers to Note

Once the process is completed, it is important to note down the key findings that have been discovered. It includes:

  • The number of errors that were discovered with the use of dynamic and static mobile security testing techniques across both Android and iOS platforms.
  • How the user data is stored in both Android and iOS apps.
  • Check if there was any tampering involved with the parameters and update user information.
  • Discover internal path disclosure on error pages.

Why is Sapizon the Ideal Choice for Mobile Security Testing Outsourcing?

Mobile Security is a process that substantial amount of experience and skillset. And as one of the top software testing companies, we offer you just that. Our QA team formulates vigilant penetration testing strategies to make sure all areas of the app are protected against vulnerabilities.

We house a combined experience of 50+ years in the QA domain and we are always adapting to the latest methodologies in the market. Our experience coupled with our cost-effective services gives us an edge over our competitors and makes us the perfect candidate for outsourcing.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.