How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Video Editing App Like Magisto?


How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Video Editing App Like Magisto?

When the entire world is becoming modern and digitized, new technologies are rapidly evolving. Among these, smartphones and the technologies that come with them are the hot trends. These are devices that never miss any chance to win over customers with their dynamic features.

Apart from regular features like calling and texting, there are a few dynamic features that include clicking pictures, storing them, setting alarms, recording audios and videos, etc. This is something everybody in this millennial generation is aware of.

Video Editing Apps Like Magisto

Video editing mobile apps have quickly become trends of the day and are loved by almost every user courtesy of the dynamic features they bring and their privilege to edit videos and more importantly, giving users the choice how on how to.

Magisto is an AI based video editing mobile app that earned more than 5.5 million USD as funding from top investors in the year 2010. The project gained great traction when the app was launched in 2011. Since then, Magisto has been one of the best video-editing apps.

What are the Must-Have Features to Create an App Like Magisto?

The following features are must-have for a video-editing app.

User Panel

Since users are the focus of every business, it is imperative that you provide them with appealing features in every application you develop. Some of the main features for the user panel are:

Sign-Up or Login

The sign-up and login features are pretty much straightforward as they allow users to be registered on the app by entering details like name, contact number, email id, and more.

Once they are registered, users can log in to the app with their credentials and they would also have the option to login through any of their social media accounts.

Create or Add Video

This feature allows the users to record the video immediately if they want to or to use any of their pre-recorded videos to edit. Permissions are required for the app to access pre-recorded video files stored in the users’ devices.

Multiple Editing Styles and Themes

App users are provided with the option of adding attractive themes to their video to make it appealing for the users. They also have customized themes that would require a special subscription.

Add Custom Songs and Music

Users can add their favorite songs and music to the edited video using this feature. Video editing apps are supposed to provide the option of built-in and the option to add songs already stored in the device.

Video Post

The integration of social media accounts within the app allows users to post videos directly on social media after creating them. They can also share these videos with friends on various platforms.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is created for someone who monitors and controls all the activities in the app. The person who takes up this role is called the admin and he or she requires some mandatory features in the app. They are:

Sign-up or Login

This feature is as necessary for the admin as it is for the users. It allows them to sign-up on the app to ensure the safety of its users. Just like the users, the admin must also provide details to register on the app.


The dashboard is a feature that allows the admin to control, administer and analyze all features and activities including users. Admin can also view, edit, and remove all pages or views. It enables the admin to access all non-admin users.

User Management

Here, the admin can view all the profiles of users, create, and delete any user’s account, and manage individual security settings via this feature.

Themes and Editing Style Management

With this feature, the admin can provide customized themes and exclusive editing style access to the users. He or she manages everything like the layouts, elements, buttons, and updates new themes to the user’s account.

Manage Coupons

This feature gives the admin the power and responsibility to create and distribute app coupons among users.

Advanced Features

Advanced features are one of the prime reasons why development costs for a video-editing app tend to tip towards a higher scale than usual. Some of the commonly utilized advanced features in a video-editing app are:

  • Adding of sound effects
  • Filters and stickers
  • Adding segments to a single frame
  • AR/VR and AI integration

Cost to Create an App Like Magisto

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