Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0 and What does it bring to the future?

Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0 and What does it bring to the future?

In the past 3 decades, we have seen an enormous change in the Web and its base technologies. During the primary Web, 1.0 served for the transformation of text-based information but now the technology and we are not the same. Web 2.0 made users read and write on online platforms. Rich media content and advancements have been born with Web 3.0  and it has brought great content for the best user experience.

What is Web 3.0 ?

It is a decentralized web interconnected by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the semantic web. It is the third iteration of the internet which uses the blockchain security system to keep the information safe and secure. Web 3.0 provides the most accurate results to the users and completely interprets the concept of data. It allows the users to interact with both virtual and real-world elements.

In Web 3.0 users can save information on their own devices that cannot be accessed by any other entity which even includes government.  It will be the next stage of business growth and development. Web3 and Web 3.0 are not the same where Web3 is a decentralized blockchain-based web and Web3.0 is a semantic web of different technologies with high-end features like universality, connectivity, and edge computing.

The semantic web is an advanced version of the existing web. Web 3.0 organizes the data in a way that it makes understandable by the computers rather than the people. It helps the users to create a data bank, build different terminologies and write rules for processing it. VR devices and 3D graphics will also be part of this decentralized world.

Benefits of Web 3.0

1. Ownership of Data

Tech giants controlled and got profited from user-generated data in Web 2.0. But Web 3.0 is completely powered by blockchain technology, where the user will get the full power of their data. Here the user can solely decide what data can be shared with businesses and advertising companies to generate good revenue.

2. Clarity

Users can trace their data and decide which platforms to be used. All partners involved will be aware of the worth and business they are involved in. You won’t need an intermediary to get access to this information.

3. Easy access to Information

It is the major shift towards data access from anywhere and it is primarily because of the widespread of smartphones and cloud apps. The main here is the user can get as much information as they want from any corner of the world. The development of technology tries to broaden the concept by enabling different gadgets to access computer data.

4. Generating efficient information

Web 3.0 provides you with more efficient information instead showing the most popular information that the user clicks for anything on a search engine. It will show up with the most relevant search results. Online data will be better connected to the semantic web. It will save more time and also increases productivity.

5. Marketing

With Web 3.0  technology, AI-powered systems can easily give the wants of the buyers to the sellers.  It will enable the seller to list the products and services which the user is looking for. The more relevant ads will be displayed to the users.


Web 3.0  will be a complete game changer with the semantic web.  The revolutionary benefits of Web 3.0  are still in the early stage. The implementation of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Metaverse on Web 3.0 .  The social media platforms will also see more exciting features with the advent of AR and VR into it. It also comes with humanized digital search assistants who are more intelligent and powered with semantic web technologies.

Web 3.0  has already invaded various fields such as virtual assistance, education, social networking, messaging, and many other services. For example, your digital assistants can attend your meeting instead of you also connect with the interconnected smart devices at home.

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