IT Support Company in Columbus

IT Support Company in Columbus

IT Support Company in Columbus

Is it a challenging task for you to manage your business and look after your customers simultaneously? If yes, the ideal solution for this problem is to Outsource IT Support Services to an independent company.

Most of the successful businesses these days rely on outsourced IT Service providers to manage their customers. This allows them to focus on improving other aspects of their business and improve their overall productivity. If you are looking for a company to partner up with, you are at the right place.

At Sapizon Technologies, we are one of the best IT Support Companies in Columbus. We possess a team of tech support professionals who are proficient and carry invaluable experience in the IT Services domain.

By rendering 24/7 Support to the customers of our clients, we aim to help them achieve a good customer retention rate and also help them convert prospects into customers.

Our offerings in IT Support Company in Columbus comprise of:

Live Chat Support Services

Live chat is one of the most engaging and efficient ways of providing seamless IT Support Services to customers. Be it resolving customer issues, addressing their queries, or providing them with the information they seek, all the tasks can be accomplished seamlessly with this channel of support.

Our 24/7 live chat services are aimed at providing excellent customer experiences through instant responses and quick solutions to the problems they report. Our experienced live chat support agents strive to achieve high customer satisfaction by delivering comprehensive services.

Complaint Management Services

Managing customer complaints and ensuring each of them is addressed is a crucial part of customer support. With our robust complaint management services coupled with an efficient ticketing system, we address all customer complaints and resolve each complaint to its suitability.

Our team of support agents is extremely vigilant about the complaints received from customers. By ensuring no complaint is left in backlogs at any point in time, support agents can succeed in complaint management. Thus, we aim to implement this strategy.

By carefully observing and analyzing customer complaints, we help our clients make essential changes in their products/services so that they can garner better customer satisfaction.

Email Support Services

Email is one of the first channels through which Customer Support was rendered. It is also a highly reliable channel since email threads allow support agents to track a long-standing issue faced by the customer. It helps them provide a solution quickly and easily.

Email support services are the ideal type of support services for customers who are busy most of the time and cannot be always available to respond to the support team. They can reply to the mails according to their convenience while the support team can easily track what stage of resolving an issue is at.

We possess a skilled team of email support specialists who actively track customer emails and revert with timely responses. Email support does not require one particular support agent to handle a specific query as every step of resolution will be updated in the email chain.

IT Helpdesk Support Services

Businesses can now outsource IT Helpdesk Services and obtain comprehensive level 1 support services for their customers. Our IT Helpdesk team consists of dynamic IT professionals who are well accustomed to handling all the common issues encountered by customers.

24/7 monitoring of client products enables our team to analyze certain factors that will make a difference to the client business. Additionally, they collaborate with the support team and IT services engineers to find formidable solutions to every client issue that is reported.

Product Support

Our experienced support professionals render efficient support services to hardware products like VR/AR headsets, workstations, IoT devices, printers, plotters, consumer electronics, etc.

Digital Products tend to come across hardware frequently once they are under use. These issues can be resolved by our team through remote IT support services. It allows users to enjoy the experience of using a product without any interruptions.

As we are considered one of the Best IT Support Company in Columbus, we render a wide range of services like SaaS Application Support, Web Application Support, Mobile Application Support, E-commerce Application Support, Remote IT Support, VR/AR/MR Support, and more.

Why Choosing Sapizon is Beneficial?

We are one of the Best Outsourced IT Support Service providers going around. Ever since we started, we have several clients’ businesses through our services. We are the ideal choice for you because:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Completed more than 100 successful projects.
  • A combined experience of 50+ years.
  • Multi-domain expertise.
  • Complete transparency with clients.
  • Vigilant security to all client data.
  • Result-oriented approach.

Let’s work together to make your business journey successful.