Mobile App Development Company in USA

Mobile App Development Company in USA

Mobile App Development Company in USA

The 2020s is predicted to be a revolutionary decade in the field of technology by both business analysts and tech experts. According to Top Mobile App Developers in USA, the Mobile Applications industry will evolve at a rapid pace in this period.

Therefore, it is time for businesses to buckle up and adapt to the constantly changing trends in technology. Consumers these days are satisfied with nothing short of the best which has every Leading Mobile App Development Company in USA to aim to perfection.

If you are looking for the best developers to do this job for you, we, at Sapizon Technologies a Leading Mobile App Development Companies in USA render unique Mobile App Development Services to our clients across different industrial domains. We possess a team of experienced developers who instill innovation in every project to make it a success.

Amidst so many new trends in the Mobile App industry, here are 5 major ones that all developers must look forward to in 2021:

Mobile Apps for Foldable Devices:

Ever since Samsung came up with its foldable OLED display, the operating systems are getting ready to utilize it and improve smartphone experiences. In a major progress point in 2018, Google officially announced support for foldable Android phones by using its screen continuity API.

Statistics provided by Samsung suggest that hundreds of popular Android apps are optimized for the Galaxy Fold. These apps include Amazon Prime Video, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, VSCO, and Microsoft Office among others.

Since foldable phones were the buzzword in the year 2020, developers need to plan their mobile app development strategy in a way that it runs seamlessly on foldable devices. This will be a challenging Mobile App Development trend in 2021.

Integration of Wearable Applications:

Wearable technology has progressively grown all around the globe in recent years. If global statistics are anything to go by, the number of connected wearable devices reached up to 450 million in 2017 and is expected to reach 920 million by the end of 2021.

With technological advancement, wearable applications are highly expected to become a part of our everyday lives. At a WWDC conference in 2020, Apple announced its Watch OS update.

With this latest update, Apple Watch apps will not require a companion iOS app and will possess their app store. This indicates the rise in wearable technology which can be one of the most important Mobile App Development trends in 2021.

For applications that operate independently from the iPhone, Apple upgraded the stature of the Watch similar to that of an independent device that users require for their digital needs.

Developers around the globe need to embrace this mobile app development trend and get close to their target customers by offering them a seamless digital experience.

Instant Applications:

Instant applications refer to native Mobile Applications that are smaller in size than usual apps, user-friendly, and highly convenient because users do not need to download them. Although they were first introduced in 2016, the latest updates with the interface have made them a potential trend in 2021.

These applications, as the name suggests, can be accessed instantly without any download at all. Not only are they a massive trend amongst the users, but they are also very popular amongst iOS and Android app developers because they help them achieve a better conversion rate compared to the regular mobile apps.

As time goes on, users are continuously demanding a better User Experience with a shorter load time. Therefore, instant apps are indeed the Mobile App Development trend that 2021 needs more than anything.

Increased Demand for On-Demand Apps:

Uber was one of the first organizations that began offering a demand-based pricing model through applications. This ultimately paved the way for a better User Experience for many other popular apps.

Be it ride-sharing, food, healthcare, beauty, or travel, there is always a universal need for on-demand apps. As per statistics, more than 40% of the global adult population has used at least one on-demand service till the end of 2020.

In 2021, the on-demand economy is projected to go deeper into additional verticals and disrupt businesses. Thus, business analysts and Mobile App Developers alike are hoping to see on-demand apps as one of the key Mobile App Development trends in 2021.

Beacons Technology:

While beacons technology has been around for some time now, 2021 is the year business pundits are expecting it to make its presence felt in a powerful way.

This technology offers beacon-based notifications that significantly help many businesses and industries to connect with their customers in a circumstantial manner.

Now that beacons technology is tipped to be a Leading Mobile App Development trend in 2021, it is likely we will come across it more often in the form of beacon-enabled airports, mobile payment beacons, and automated personal beacons.

When used to a good effect, beacons technology can make virtual tours more personalized, informative, smooth, and secure.

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