Top Software Testing Company In USA

Top Software Testing Company In USA

Top Software Testing Company In USA


To score points with consumers, businesses need to bring a twist to their traditional processes. By using our best software testing services in New York, businesses can change the way they interact with software. Being a top-rated software testing company in USA our services are not only affordable but also reliable that can lead you ahead of your rivals and boost your consumer influx.


Software Testing involves the evaluation and comparison of actual results with expected ones to ensure that software systems are defect-free; to identify errors, gaps, or missing requirements as compared to the actual requirements.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a category of software testing in which a software system is tested against the requirements by putting an input and evaluating the output. It ensures that the functions of the software application are in line with the requirements. Many types fall under this category. Few of them are as follows:

Unit Testing: In unit testing, each unit of a software system is tested individually to ensure the performance of every module of software.

Integration Testing: It is a type of functional testing where software modules are logically integrated and tested as a group. The primary function is to check data communication amongst these modules.

System Testing: System testing is performed to validate a completed and integrated software so as to check if the software is compliant with the assigned requirements.

User Acceptance Testing: UAT verifies whether the software solution works for the user or not. This is very important because users are the people who will finally use your software.

Non-functional Testing 

The purpose of non-functional testing is to check the readiness of an application according to non-functional parameters. The non-functional aspects tested under this type of testing are performance, endurance, volume, scalability, usability, and so on. 

Regression Testing: A type of software testing which is done during the development phase of software systems for all functionalities and features in detail.

Compatibility Testing: There are many platforms on which a software can be run. Compatibility testing is performed to check if the software is capable enough to be run on different hardware, mobile or computer devices, operating systems etc. It basically checks the capability of a software under different working environments.


We use the following tools:


According to the zone’s research Selenium is the most famous software automation testing tool in the market. It helps the tester to write cross-platform tests in various programming languages. Our experts have incredible skills using this testing tool.


Jira is also a reputable tool in the software testing industry. Our team has incredible skill using jira and has recurring clients for this testing tool also.


If you are worried about test management cases then don’t worry our software testing company in USA will cure you out of this. As we have a dynamic team having intuitive skills with the test case management tool TestRail .


One of the trend setters in software defect tracking analysis Bugzilla has its own importance in the software testing industry. It has been written in Perl with MySQL; our engineers have vast experience in dealing with this tool for our reputed clients.


Due to rapid changes and development in today’s technologically alert era, our life has enhanced considerably. Most of our daily life activities have become digitized. People access their bank online, they do online shopping, order food online, communicate with friends and family online, and much more. To put it another way, people are dependent on a software system to make their life easy. Ever imagined this software system turning out to be effective; consequently, worsening their activities instead of enhancing them? A scathing sight, isn’t it? One small bug and your customers are gone along with your goodwill. Eventually, you are trapped in financial and other losses. To ensure customer retention and deliverance of quality products, your software system needs testing.


There are many companies in the USA that provide software testing services. Some of them are MindfulQA, QASource, TestMatick, BugRaptors, and many more.


In today’s highly competitive world, the consumer landscape has become pretty much demanding and versatile. Since the adoption of software technologies has become a linchpin of all the businesses, it is an uphill task to find renowned, professional, and high integrity companies to test your solutions. Even though software testing within any realm is not an easy-to-do task, our team of professionals triumph. We triumph because of our years of experience, technical skills, visual insights, creativity, innovation, and passion for software app testing.


We-being the top software testing company in USA ,Bay Area, we provide following full-ranged software testing services like below.

  1. Automation Testing: Through our comprehensive and end-to-end automation testing services your ROI can rise to a peak, delivery time can be reduced, and you can get productive results.
  1. E-commerce Testing: we test your mobile and web applications, do systematic mapping and documentation, and help you grow your customer; eventually, making your website smart and  secure.
  1. Functional Testing: We provide verification and validation of software solutions by using best approaches and framework.
  1. Localization Testing: We also provide our testing services for a specific culture or geography.
  1. Mobile App Testing: We can make your mobile application robust and highly agile so that you can deliver superior customer experience.
  1. Performance Testing: We identify the underlying problem of your software solution; also provide  recommendations for improvement.
  1. Security testing services: We conduct in-depth security assessment; protect company goodwill, clients, and third parties.
  1. Usability testing: This testing technique centres on the users of a certain product. Through this  technique, we check a product’s integrity by testing it on its relevant users. In this way, a real input can be collected regarding the use of the product by its users.

Our team has exceptional skills in using almost all the available testing tools in the market. Other widely used tools are listed below:

HP LoadRunner
Apache JMeter
Katalon Studio

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