SSO (Single Sign On) Integration

SSO (Single Sign On) Integration

SSO (Single Sign On) Integration


IT Infrastructure | Client Location: USA

Business Challenge

The client wanted a single sign in system for his sales employees visiting various locations.


This project was about a company who had one of the biggest chains of gyms. They had a dedicated sales team and were using a lot of applications and tools. Employees of their sales team had to visit multiple locations and do the tedious process of signing in on all the applications every time they meet a potential client.

To solve this issue, we did integration of all the apps by configuring SSO (Single Sign On) using ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services). ADFS gives organizations the authority to control their employees’ accounts while simplifying the user experience.

Initially, we did this for limited groups and then after that we kept adding users from different groups. This was a very critical task; if not done properly, all the applications could collapse and it would highly impact the business.


Employees only need to remember a single set of credentials to access multiple applications through SSO by making use of ADFS.

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